The man thought he had gone crazy or a ghost was cleaning his shed… What he found out later by setting a camera was a big surprise for him…

How many of us have been inspired by Marie Kondo’s hit show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” to quickly declutter our homes? Many of us have gotten on board with the Netflix show’s notion of cleaning up, organizing, and donating.

While we may not enjoy the actual cleaning process, it feels amazing to clear out all of the clutter in our houses. It’s also a fantastic technique to relieve stress and anxiety. There are numerous reasons why cleaning is beneficial to our health.

Following his return to his shed, Stephen began to notice that small objects began to move. Clips, nails, and screws were not always where he left them. He knew he hadn’t put them away, but he couldn’t think he’d later find them nicely sorted and returned to their proper place. He couldn’t seem to figure out what was going on!

Was he going insane? Was his memory deteriorating as the days passed? Is it possible that it was a ghost that couldn’t make the mess? He didn’t know what to think.
He even decided to put the mysterious perpetrator to the test by purposefully emptying one of his plastic containers and dispersing the contents about the shed. When they were all back in place the next day, he couldn’t believe it!

He confessed, “I feared I was going insane.”
He realized he needed to solve the riddle, so he got his next-door friend, Rodney Holbrook, to install a camera in the shed. What he captured on camera astounded him! It wasn’t a ghost, either. It was just a mouse who appears to be a clean freak!

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The mouse would come out for a couple of hours during the night and clean up the mess Stephen had made. They couldn’t believe a mouse could have such human qualities as to be concerned about the disorder, but here he was!

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