Celebrating her boyfriend Nick Cordero’s birthday, Amanda Kloots said, “I Wish I Could Spoil You Rotten Today.” Learn more below…

On Saturday, Amanda Kloots commemorated the birthday of her late husband Nick Cordero by posting a video on Instagram that was a compilation of photographs and brief snippets of the late Cordero. The audio track included Cordero addressing a live crowd as he was performing, and it was synced up with the footage. In the recording, he can be heard saying, “I’ve led a great life.”

Kloots wrote in the description, “How I wish I could pamper you rotten today,” and the phrase was included in the photo. Best wishes on your 44th birthday, Nick!

Cordero passed away in July 2020 due to COVID-19-related complications, after an extended hospitalization due to the illness that lasted many months. He was 41.

The couple’s friends have shown their support for them in the comments section. Nischelle Turner of Entertainment Tonight sent Nick Swardson a “HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY” in an email. “Sending you unfathomable quantities of love, @amandakloots”

Melanie Lynskey, who is nominated for an Emmy, offered her comment: “All my love.” Jennifer Love Hewitt and Michael Allio, who plays Michael on The Bachelorette, were among the celebrities that wished Cordero a happy birthday.

The Talk co-host, who is 40 years old, also uploaded a few Instagram Stories of Cordero throughout the day, including a photo of the couple during their wedding as part of her “AK! Positive thought of the day” trend. She scribbled, “Happy birthday baby,” over the image she had drawn.

In a different Story, Kloots uploaded an old photograph of the two of them with their kid Elvis, who is now 3 years old. In the photo, Cordero is seen gently stroking Kloots’ hair as she cradles baby Elvis in her arms. Kloots put in the corner, “3 years ago today,” as the date.

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Earlier this year, during a panel conversation with Kelly Rizzo — who also lost her husband, Bob Saget — Kloots told that she has adopted a new tradition of celebrating Cordero’s loss anniversary as well as his birthday as well. The panel conversation took place with Kelly Rizzo, who also lost her husband, Bob Saget.

“The year before last saw the most breathtaking event in the history of the globe. That day was the absolute worst. It was nearly like, and had the feeling of really being the day again. I spent the most part of the day being a bedridden lobster, crying my eyes out “she went over it again. Then my girlfriend contacted me and said, “Oh my God, I had the most incredible dream about Nick.” “And then,” he said, “my girlfriend called me.”

In the vision, Cordero referred to his birthday as “the one day I get to come back on earth and congratulate everyone.” In the dream, he added that he was “so pleased and so cheerful” since it was his birthday.

“And she shared that dream with me, and in an instant, I entirely rethought the day that he had passed away as his new birthday. And I sprang out of bed the second it was spoken, “She went on to say more. “I muttered to myself, ‘Oh my God, if Nick is enjoying this day, then Elvis and I need to constantly celebrate this day as his new birthday and that he is still with us, and that he will always be with us,’ ” I thought to myself.

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“And today does not have to be a day in which I sob uncontrollably till my eyes bleed. This may be the day when I get a cake for dad’s birthday and we all sing him happy birthday. Therefore, I believe it will most certainly turn into a custom for the both of us, “An explanation of Kloots

The former contestant on Dancing with the Stars had previously developed a connection with Rizzo, 42, who had also suffered the loss of her spouse when Saget passed away in January due to brain trauma at the age of 65.

“We’ve made some new acquaintances in this exclusive club that we never imagined we’d join. Kloots posted on Instagram that she was “so pleased to now know this brave lady, sharing tales only helps this rollercoaster we are on.” In response, Rizzo said, “If I’m going to be in this club, I’m grateful to have real caring individuals like you by my side.”

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