Il Divo gives tribute to Dolly Parton performing her “I will always love you” song and immediately capture audience hearts…

Il Divo is most likely the first operatic pop band that comes to mind. The quartet never disappoints with their theatrical performances and has beautiful voices.

They covered the well-known Dolly Parton song “I Will Always Love You” this time, but they gave it a unique twist. This performance from October 2014 in Hamburg, Germany, was a tremendous hit because of their original rendition.

In 2003, Simon Cowell put together the four-person quartet. He searched the globe for the ideal members of the group, and he was successful. The vocalists are American tenor David Miller, Swiss tenor Urs Bühler, French tenor Sébastien Izambard, and German baritone Carlos Marin. Many musical ensembles and solo artists, including Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis, Fifth Harmony, and One Direction, were discovered and, in some cases, signed as a result of Cowell’s efforts.

They are regarded as a “classical crossover ensemble.” They had a number of multilingual hits, such as “Regresa a Mi” (Unbreak My Heart), which was initially performed by Toni Braxton, and “The Time of Our Lives,” a duet with Braxton “— which served as the 2006 FIFA World Cup’s anthem. They have performed duets with adored and extraordinarily brilliant musicians like Celine Dion. They have a duet together called “I Believe In You” (Je crois en toi), which is off Dion’s 2005 album “On ne change pas.” On their 2018 album “Timeless,” which is titled “Hola,” they even include a Spanish cover of the Adele smash song “Hello.”” This performance is only one of the quartet’s many outstanding successes.

The trio sang a version of Dolly Parton’s song “I Will Always Love You” during this performance. Although Whitney Houston performed the song in the 1992 version for the movie “The Bodyguard,” it has come to be known as the version that Parton penned and first published in 1974. Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner starred in the romantic suspense movie. With songs like “I’m Every Woman” and other popular songs on its soundtrack, the movie received a Grammy for Album of the Year. Il Divo gave the song its own twist despite the tune being made popular by two of the biggest female voices in entertainment.

Watch their stunning performance below:

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