Video: These roller-skating brothers are spreading joyous vibes over the internet with their nostalgic videos of them skating…

Marcus Griffin, 33, and Michael Griffin, 36, also referred as “The Griffin Brothers,” are using social media to talk about their love of roller skating and music.

The majority of the siblings’ synchronized skating videos have been set to retro songs, such as Debbie Deb’s “Lookout Weekend” and Haddaway’s “What is Love.” As a result, their videos have taken over the internet and become very popular.

But the brothers do not care about their level of notoriety. Skating is something that they do because they sincerely like it, and the knowledge that they provide pleasure to other people as a result of their skating motivates them to keep doing it.

Marcus, who is employed as a truck driver, said that “as soon as you walk on the floor, like, you climb into another plane,” and he believes that this is the source of the love that exists in the world today.

“It doesn’t even pertain to the two of us anymore. It is about the remarks and words that people send to us, as well as the supports that we have.” Because of the viral nature of their films, a lot of people are thinking about picking up skating again.

Marcus said that “we’re bringing back those old sentiments that people had when they used to go skating, when they didn’t have to worry about the bills, the homes, or anything else.

When they see us, they feel a certain delight inside themselves, the kind of happiness they had when they were younger, back when circumstances were good and there were no pandemics or anything else.”

The duo began skating when they were small boys; it was a love that they had acquired from their mother, who was the first skater in the family.

Marcus expressed his desire to “offer pleasure and happiness to everyone who sets eyes on it”.



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