Doctors are astounded: a 7-year-old with an incurable condition is now walking, talking and enjoying her life to the fullest…

Doctors were astounded when a blind girl regained her sight and ‘cured herself’ of life-threatening brain disease.
Evie-Mae Geurts was registered blind when she was just a few months old, and her 28-year-old mother demanded answers when her head began to swell a few months later.

At the age of eight months, doctors discovered she had hydrocephalus, a condition in which fluid builds up in the ventricles deep within the brain.

Her head pressure was 32 times normal, and physicians warned that while they could help ease the discomfort and buildup, the damage to her brain had already been done. Her sight would be permanently lost as a result of the constant pressure, and she would likely never learn to walk or talk.

Against all changes, Evie-Mae Geurts not only regained her sight as a child, but she also learned to walk and communicate.

Her hydrocephalus had also vanished the previous year. Hydrocephalus is usually a chronic illness that necessitates the use of shunts, which are hollow tubes surgically implanted in the brain to drain fluid.

Evie-Mae is currently seven years old and doing well. She has no shunts, is at the top of her class, and can see clearly without glasses.

Doctors have been astounded by her progress, and she continues to get eye exams every six months to check her progress. “They can’t believe it,”  said the mother  “Evie is incredible. We’re truly proud of her. She’s a brave and amazing little girl.”

Doctors had to shave Evie-hair Mae’s back in order to remove the shunts that she no longer needed.
The stylists at the hair salon later complimented the small child on her bravery for going through so much. “The doctors took my hair off to save me,” she replied, “much like Eugene cut Rapunzel’s hair to save her in Tangled.”



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