Touching Video:  On father’s day, the stepfather gets a message from his stepson that takes him by surprise. As soon as he rips open the envelope, he starts crying…

Before the stepfather realized that there was another surprise prepared for him, he felt the present that his stepson had given him was already quite meaningful.

Since Tyler Dukes was 13 years old, Blake Wilson, now 34 years old, has been Tyler’s stepfather.

Even though they are not related by blood, the true affection that they have for one another may certainly teach us something about love that is not dependant on circumstances. On Father’s Day, Tyler wanted to surprise his father with a present that would demonstrate the depth of his love for Wilson in his role as his father.

In a video that was taken by the family, Wilson can be seen opening up Tyler’s present and discovering a picture frame that has a poem that Tyler wrote himself as a dedication to Wilson:

“There are many who would argue that you are not my biological father, but you and I both know that this is not the case.

Because throughout all we’ve gone through together, you’ve been there for me like a true dad… Despite the fact that we are not related via blood, the love and trust that you have shown me is a priceless gift…

Is a priceless present that keeps on giving, and that, my friend, is what makes you a Real Dad in my book. Could we just make this official……”

The fact that such a priceless present was given to Wilson by Tyler himself moved him to tears, however, it was not the conclusion. After some time, he discovered an envelope that had been attached to the rear of the picture frame with tape.

He couldn’t contain his excitement as he tore open the package to find adoption paperwork! There were legal documents filed asking for Tyler’s name to be changed from “Tyler Dukes” to “Tyler Wilson,” and they were submitted because Tyler wanted his name to be legally altered in this way.

He desired for Blake to take on the role of his “true dad.” Angela Wilson, Tyler’s mother, said that “Blake has been a father to Tyler since he was 13 so they have been really close and you couldn’t tell they weren’t biological.”

“”Last year, he came up to me and told me that he wanted it to be official and legal, and that he wanted to use Blake’s name.

He wanted to do it on Father’s Day so that it would be more meaningful and memorable for everyone involved and we never really broached the subject with Blake, who was already functioning as his father in every other manner.”



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