According to the author, Harry and William would never allow Camilla to fill the role of queen… Learn more below…

Following the assertion of a source that Prince Harry and his brother would never approve of Camilla Bowles being given the title of Queen, Queen Elizabeth revealed her opposing desires over the matter. How did the choice of the Monarch affect the other members of the Royal Family? Figure it out.

The romance between Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles continues to be one of the most contentious in modern history. The Prince of Wales never got over his feelings for his ex-girlfriend (Bowles), and shortly after their marriage, they began having an affair together. This was despite the fact that he married Princess Diana.

By 1996, the marriage between Diana and Charles had at long last come to an end, and the topic of “might Bowles become the future Queen of England?” was brought up for discussion. A number of individuals, including Prince Harry, were unaware of Bowles’ true identity because of all that was going on.

However, the Duke of Sussex would finally get a glimpse of the candidate who may succeed his mother as Queen due to a show that was broadcast on television. In January of 1997, while watching the television show with his mother and Prince William, Prince Harry found out Bowles’ identity.

The audience was polled throughout the performance and asked whether Bowles had a chance of being queen in the future. In order to indicate their answer, they were instructed to either raise a blue cue card or a red cue card. The majority of those present responded with a negative answer, so Prince Harry followed up with the following question:

Who exactly is this Camilla?

The question that her son asked Princess Diana could not be answered. Instead, she responded by stating it was a question he should direct to his father. After another eight months, Princess Diana passed away, and it wasn’t until many months after her passing that William and Harry finally got to meet Bowles.

St. James’s Palace was the location of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s first meeting, which took place on June 12, 1998. The former had shown up unannounced at the Palace without being aware that the latter was going to be there.

However, the initial meeting went well, and William and the Duchess of Cambridge spoke for thirty minutes. At the conclusion of their conversation, the Duchess allegedly said that she need a “gin and tonic.”

Bowles’s first encounter with Prince Harry did not go as well as the one she had with Prince William, unfortunately. According to a source close to the situation, the young Prince, who longed for his late mother and was feeling her absence, found the situation to be unsettling. According to the information provided by the source, Prince Harry did not want to be present.

Prince Charles continued to maintain a strong relationship with the Duchess of Cornwall despite Prince Harry’s response after their first encounter with Bowles. In August of 1999, she and her children traveled to Greece to spend their vacation with the Prince of Wales, who was also traveling with his two kids.

Both Prince Harry and his stepmother were eventually welcomed into the Royal Family after they worked over their initial awkwardness with one another. At a banquet celebrating King Constantine of Greece’s 60th birthday at Highgrove in June of 2000, Bowles finally had the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth.

After then, in the subsequent year, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall settled in together. They first resided at Highgrove, which is located in Gloucestershire, but they eventually moved into Clarence House. Following Bowles’ relocation, the Royal Family made it clear that the interior design of her new apartment would not be paid for by the general people in any way.

In the following years, Charles and the Duchess would have a happy relationship despite the fact that they were not married. On April 9, 2005, though, they did ultimately have their happily ever after. They chose the Windsor Guildhall in Berkshire as the location for their wedding ceremony.

Regrettably, Queen Elizabeth was unable to make it to the wedding ceremony because of her position as Head of the Church of England, which maintains that divorce should be avoided.

On the other hand, later that same day, the Monarch and her late husband, Prince Philip, indicated their approbation of the marriage by holding a celebration at Windsor Castle for the newlyweds.

There have been a lot of unresolved doubts regarding what title Bowles would obtain when the Prince of Wales ascends the throne because of her status as the wife of the heir to the throne. Bowles is now married to the Prince of Wales.

As a result of her role in the breakdown of Prince Charles’s previous marriage, it is widely assumed that the Duchess of Cornwall will not be elevated to the position of Queen but will instead be granted the title of Princess Consort. On the other hand, it would seem that the Prince of Wales has a different viewpoint about his wife’s potential future title.

During an interview with Brian Williams, the question of whether or not Bowles would become Queen of England if and when Prince Charles becomes King was posed to Prince Charles. In response, the Prince said, “that may be.”

Buckingham Palace said that nothing had changed and that Bowles would be awarded the title of Princess Consort despite the fact that Prince William’s remark, which resulted in an outcry, had been taken into consideration.

The news was disappointing for Prince Charles since he had always hoped that his boys would acknowledge Bowles as his full Queen Consort once he ascended to the throne.

“He can’t stop thinking about it, and he never gives up attempting to negotiate a solution with any one of them. However, they will never agree to Camilla filling the role that their mother should have had, and they will never say “Yes.” “Someone who is close to Prince William once stated.

The statements made by William’s acquaintance on the brothers’ unwillingness to accept Bowles as the Queen’s support were verified by the historian Robert Lacey. Lacey said that Prince Charles had been campaigning for support in order to bestow the title of Queen onto his wife, which made Prince Harry and his brother ill.

“In private, I learned both brothers are sick to the back teeth of Charles attempting to negotiate full Queen status for Camilla,” Lacey once admitted. “Privately, I realized both brothers are sick of Charles trying to negotiate full Queen status for Camilla.”

In February of 2022, Queen Elizabeth made a statement that caused many people’s mouths to drop open when she said that she wanted Bowles to succeed her as Queen when Prince Charles is proclaimed King. A few months before the festivities commemorating her Platinum Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth sent a written greeting to England in which she said:

“I will never stop being amazed and humbled by the unwavering support and love that you continue to show for me. Thank you. And when the time comes for my son Charles to take the throne, I am certain that you will provide the same level of support to him and his wife Camilla as you have shown to me.”

“And it is my earnest desire that, when that time comes, Camilla will be recognized as Queen Consort as she continues her devoted devotion,” she continued. “And it is my honest intention that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort.”

Christopher Andersen, a royal author, told Us Weekly later that month that the unexpected choice made by the Queen was “creating a hole in the Royal Family.”

According to Andersen, Prince Harry and Prince William were taken completely by surprise by the choice made by Queen Elizabeth. In light of the statements made by the Monarch, the whole world is curious about how Prince Charles’s accession to the throne will play out.

As Prince Charles, Bowles, and Prince William stood with Queen Elizabeth on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to mark the conclusion of the festivities for the Platinum Jubilee, it seems like all is going well within the Royal Family for the time being.

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