Rescuers were unable to help 200 horses trapped on a small island… Then seven women came up with an idea…

When a major storm caused the floods to rise in 2006, 200 horses were caught on a tiny patch of mud-covered land.

The story was reported by media all across the globe.   The horses could not be saved after three days of falling in the same spot. Thankfully, firemen and social workers were able to give them with all of the things they needed to live.

Authorities were unable to come up with a strategy to rescue the horses even after the water level started to decrease.
They were terrified of entering the sea, making voluntary entry almost impossible.

Then they came up with an idea.

The knights and horses marched through the shallows first. Because of the herd mentality, the trapped horses should follow quickly.

Everyone prayed they would make it to the other side unharmed.

But did they really carry it out? Fortunately, the priceless seconds were recorded on video, allowing us to relive them even after more than a decade! Keep an eye out for a life-saving rescue!



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