A woman was left speechless when her four-year-old son came home with a deer friend…

Imagine that your son, who is only four years old, came back from a walk in the woods with a young deer by his side. You would likely be rendered speechless. That seems like something out of a storybook, doesn’t it? While spending her vacation at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia, Stephanie Brown was surprised with precisely the same type of scene.

When Stephanie opened the door, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she saw her son Dominic, who was four years old, standing on the porch with a young deer. The lady was obviously taken aback when she saw the scene that was similar of a Disney movie, but she did manage to snap a few pictures of the cute moment. After Stephanie posted the stunning photographs to Facebook, it should come as no surprise that they quickly gained widespread attention and became viral. After all, it’s not every day that you come across a child of four years old and a wild deer in the same place.

Dominic was playing outside the cabin as his mother was finishing up their luggage before leaving the resort, as the mother said that they were going to depart. However, it is unknown how the two of them came to be together. The fawn may have been drawn to Dominic because of his pajamas, or he may have offered her some snacks; either way, they became fast friends almost immediately after meeting each other. Because Dominic was eager to present his new friend to his mother, the two of them knocked on the door together, much to the astonishment of the child’s mother.

As soon as Stephanie posted the charming picture on Facebook, tens of thousands of people responded to it and expressed their thoughts. “Both of them give the impression that this is something that happens to them on a daily basis. “They are so priceless, the two of them,” one user wrote. “Both your kid and his pal have a really endearing quality about them. Excellent picture”, as one more person said. Another person said that they seemed to be good friends.



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