On the occasion of their celebrated birthday, Vanessa Lachey and her husband Nick Lachey held a party… Find out more below…

On the occasion of their respective birthdays, Nick and Vanessa Lachey have a lot of reasons to celebrate, not the least of which is the other.

Nick turned 48 years old on Wednesday, while Vanessa celebrated 42 revolutions around the sun. Both of the co-hosts on Love Is Blind celebrated their special days on Wednesday.

The celebrations were officially kicked off when Vanessa posted a picture of a birthday cake to her Instagram Story and tagged Nick in the caption of the post.

After that, Vanessa commemorated her everlasting love by posting a video to social media set to Martin Novales’s “If I Ain’t Got You.” She posted the following caption next to a video that showed the two of them aboard a boat: “May you have a wonderful birthday, my Love! Who would have thought that celebrating your birthday with a friend would be so much fun!!! Particularly for a pair of Scorpios!”

“I repeated everything I wanted to say to you last night, this morning, and again tonight. I told you about it everything (in person). Just for fun, let’s take a look back on our very first birthday together as husband and wife, which was in 2011 (in Hawaii) “She went on to say more. “When we saw whales in November, the skipper stated that was a sign of good luck, and I remember that. I had a feeling deep down inside that it was correct. We’d start a family and spend many years of “Life” — and everything that comes along with it — together. To put it simply, Baby, we’re going to do it together! Best wishes to Both of Us on Our Birthdays! ❤️♏️❤️.”

Vanessa celebrated “another Beautiful voyage around the Sun” on her birthday and mentioned it in a different post, which was also about her birthday.

She captioned the post with the following: “Leis of Love, a vintage Hawaiian Ui-Maikai dress from a dear friend and a toast of champagne from my Birthday twin @nicklachey,” in which she was pictured wearing a lei along with other items of tropical attire: a dress from a friend who had given it to her. “Thank you very much for all the love. I’m going to continue soaking it ALL up. Cheers!”

Nick and Vanessa tied the knot in a small ceremony in July 2011, and the event took place at Richard Branson’s private residence in the British Virgin Islands. Now, after many years together, the couple has become parents to three young people: a son, Camden, 10, a daughter, Brooklyn, 7, and a son, Phoenix, 5.

Previously, Vanessa divulged the key to their continued success, which she referred to as “Shower sex.”

“When I was in the shower, I thought to myself, “I have a full day.” A complete day is before you. The choice is between now and never,’ “In the year 2020, she revealed on The Bellas Podcast. “The children are now in their classrooms. It takes place, and then later that night, if you receive anything like the icing on the cake, it’s fantastic. But even if that wasn’t the case, we still had sex in the shower.”

She went on to say, “While I’m in the shower, he’s standing there, and the children have all left… When I call him “Babe,” he immediately recognizes me.”

When asked whether he believed they would have found each other even in the Love Is Blind pods, the former 98 Degrees singer recently claimed that the romance in their 16-year romance is still very much alive. He said that he believed they would have found each other.

“We have given a lot of attention to that topic. And I honestly think, and I’m not just saying this for the sake of this show, I’m not just saying this for the purpose of this program, I think we would’ve, “Nick stated this while they were being interviewed together by Vanessa. “We were born on the same day, we have the same birthday, we are interested in the same things, and we are motivated by the same things. Things that inspired us to keep going”

Would you have been able to see through a wall to find me? asked Vanessa after Nick’s response, “I would find you anywhere,” which was “I would find you anywhere.”

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