A woman who just turned 107 years old revealed the reason she has lived so long: “I never got married…”

The so-called longevity diet is known to help in leading a long life, and one woman who just celebrated her 107th birthday imparts a lesson to all those who are seeking a long life, and that lesson is to remain single.

Louise Signore has maintained her health throughout her whole life by adhering to certain tenets of the longevity diet and engaging in regular physical activity.

But despite the fact that she is constant with her habits, she is of the opinion that the reason she is really happy is because she has chosen to live a single life.

“If they have physical activity, I participate in the activity, if they have dancing, I will participate in it.

I still do a little dancing. I’ll have a long day because after lunch I’m going to play bingo,” Signore said.

Louise’s sister is also in her 100s, and Louise’s sister has voiced her jealousy for her sister, going so far as to wish that her sister had never been married.

At the JASA Bartow Community Center in Co-op City, Louise reportedly had a wonderful time celebrating her 107th birthday with a total of one hundred guests.

The youngest of Louise’s 5 siblings is 102 years old, which means that all of her siblings have already reached their 100th year. It is undeniable that their genes, in conjunction with their healthy way of life, are responsible for their success.

Stories like that of Louise Signore never fail to remind many people that life may be enjoyed in ease and comfort if only we understood how to take care of ourselves by simple actions like maintaining a healthy diet and maintaining a positive attitude at all times.

It is clear that she chose the best path for her life, as shown by the fact that she is now enjoying a colorful and joyful existence.

Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes success and happiness, and the only person who can really determine for themselves what those things are is the individual.

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