Jennifer Lopez appreciates Ben Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner for being a “amazing co-parent” in a recent interview…

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, often known as the portmanteau “Bennifer,” are one of the most iconic celebrity couples. It is always entertaining to keep up with A-list celebrity couples, and one of the most iconic pairings is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. One of the first times that the names of a couple have been used in this context is when the word was coined. Both of these artists have had very successful careers in their respective fields. Both Affleck and Lopez have successful careers in the entertainment industry as singers and actresses, respectively. The two people had an eventful past together in terms of dating. The first time the two actors worked together was in 2001 on the set of the movie “Gigli.” They had their first date in 2002, and a year later, in 2003, they announced their engagement to be married. Unfortunately, the couple’s wedding had to be postponed, and in 2004, they made the decision to no longer be together as a couple.

Despite this, throughout the period that they were together, the pair established themselves as an iconic celebrity couple. There were a lot of paparazzi images that routinely made headlines that showed the two of them getting intimate with one another. Following Affleck’s appearance in Jennifer Lopez’s music video for her song “Jenny from the Block,” the media continued to cover the story.

Before beginning her relationship with Affleck, Lopez had already been married twice. After that, she tied the knot for the third time with Marc Anthony the same year that she and Affleck made the decision to end their relationship. Up until the year 2014, she was married to Anthony. Affleck tied the knot with Jennifer Garner in the year 2005, and they remained a couple till the year 2018. They have three children between them as a couple.

Affleck and Lopez made the decision to get back together in 2021, when both of them were finally able to pursue relationships with other people. In a tweet on her social media account in July of that year, Lopez announced that the two were dating. And then, exactly one year later, in July 2022, Bennifer finally tied the knot and got legally married to one another as husband and wife. At this point in time, Lopez is Affleck’s children’s stepmother. Continue reading to learn more about Jennifer Lopez’s mixed family and the ways in which she tries to instill authenticity in her children.

Lopez and Affleck hitched the marriage on July 16, 2022, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. According to the Daily Mail, the pair moved into Lopez’s house in Los Angeles, which she had owned for many years. And today, Lopez is a proud stepparent to Affleck’s children, and the same can be said for Affleck’s children about Lopez. It would seem that Lopez has already established the fundamentals in her children, such as the need of maintaining their modesty. “I wanted to offer them a life that I didn’t have,” she told the December 2022 issue of Vogue. “But they don’t get to have the experience of something that is equally beneficial, which is having that survivalist attitude.” I wanted to avoid having to instill dread in them at any costs, so I looked for an alternative solution. It’s like saying, “I can maintain a barrier with you while simultaneously being your friend.”

Nevertheless, she acknowledged that it is difficult to bring up children in the public eye when one is a star. Lopez shared the following anecdote with the publication: “The other day, one of my kids remarked, ‘I want to go to the flea market.’” Oh, you want Ben and I to come? I was like, ‘Oh, you want us to come?’ They told her, “You know, it’s such a thing when you go, Mom,” which means “when you depart,” It was hurtful to me, but I understand where my children are coming from,” she said, adding that she felt bad for her children as well.

“I understand it. “They want time with their pals when they aren’t being observed, followed, and photographed,” she said. “They don’t want to be the center of attention.” “It’s a phenomenon. Nobody is griping about it, but it’s still a thing.”

She said that educating children was not a one-way street and that they, in turn, had imparted a great deal of wisdom onto her about life.

“(They remind you of) the things you need to know about life and how to love somebody and how to care for people that you can lose sight of in your 20s and 30s as you’re doing your own thing,” the author writes. “(They remind you of) the things you need to know about life and how to love somebody and how to care for people.”

Lopez also shared her admiration for the younger generation, which she described as being passionate and outspoken about social and political concerns. She went on to say that “this generation is incredibly informed, active, and courageous,” and that “they will call bulls**t on something extremely soon.” I hope that my children will always have the confidence to speak out for themselves and the causes that are important to them. I really want all of the young girls throughout the globe to speak their minds. Get loud! Confess your error when you see it. Don’t be frightened. For a very long time, fear paralyzed me. I was frightened that I wouldn’t get the job, that I would make people angry, and that they wouldn’t like me. No.”

Lopez has nothing but kind words to say about Garner, Affleck’s ex-wife, and describes her as “an outstanding co-parent” who, together with Affleck, “works very well together” to raise their three children, two girls aged 13 and 10 and a boy aged 10 years old. The fact that Lopez’s ex-husband Anthony resides on the East Coast makes the task of co-parenting a bit more challenging. The move into a mixed family, however, according to Lopez, “is a process that has to be handled with so much care.” Nevertheless, in typical Lopez fashion, she is determined to make the blended family arrangement work.

“(The youngsters) are capable of experiencing a great variety of things. They are in their teens. But everything is going pretty well so far,” Lopez remarked before disclosing her goals for her lovely mixed family. “But it’s going really well so far.”

“What I hope to cultivate with our family is that his kids have a new ally in me and that my kids have a new ally in him, someone who really loves and cares about them but can have a different perspective and help me see things that I can’t see with my kids because I’m so emotionally tied up,” Lopez shared. “This is what I hope to accomplish with our family.”

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