Zoe Saldana, who stars in ‘On Scratch,’ recently impersonated our favorite character from Netflix, and now we can’t bear to watch it…

Zo Saldaa is familiar with the challenges of maintaining a dominant position on Netflix. The new romantic drama series From Scratch, starring the actress who is now 44 years old, made its debut on the streaming platform a few weeks ago, and it has been on the list of the site’s most-watched shows ever since then.

But it turns out that Saldaa is a fan of other Netflix originals, notably the crime thriller Ozark, which won an Emmy and finished its last season in April of this year. In point of fact, Saldaa demonstrated quite an outstanding lip sync in a recent video that she posted on Instagram.

The Star Trek actress spliced together a sequence from Ozark that featured actress Julia Garner in her role as Ruth Langmore and included it in the post (a part which earned Garner 3 Emmy Awards, nbd).

In this scene, Ruth is shown yelling at Martin “Marty” Byrde, who is portrayed by Jason Bateman. She tells him, “If you want to stop me, you’re going to have to f*cking murder me!”

Saldaa muttered the same words to the right of the excerpt and even replicated Garner’s scream at the end of her line. The actress from From Scratch posted “#mondaymotivation” in the caption of one of her photos.

The comments made by fans demonstrated that they, too, adored this scenario. For example, one user remarked, “That scene gave me chills. I’m delighted that [Garner] received recognition for the show’s last season. Another person commented on how much they enjoyed watching these two stars together and remarked that they saw “one hell of an actress showing respect to another heck of an actress.”

This is not the first time that Saldaa has enjoyed her time on Instagram by piecing together a video. A short time ago, the 44-year-old woman participated in a fitness challenge, which she then shared with her fans on social media.

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