After a “Argument,” Rachel Ward and her co-love star’s transferred from the screen to real life and lasted for 40 years…

In spite of the fact that they developed chemistry while working on the set of “The Thorn Birds,” English-Australian actress Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown had a heated quarrel when they were on vacation in Ireland. As a direct result of this, they were able to live happily ever after.

Even though Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown’s love story began when they were working on the set of a well-known miniseries, it has withstood the test of time and become a timeless classic. Despite this, the couple was successful in creating a remarkable relationship that deserves to be mentioned, as well as a happy and healthy family.

Fans of the popular television series “The Thorn Birds,” which aired in 1983, were led astray by the obvious connection between the character Meggie, portrayed by Ward, and Richard Chamberlain’s portrayal of Father Ralph. Due to the fact that these two were professionals, the audience was easily drawn by the forbidden love that existed between them.

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However, it was Ward’s love for her co-star Bryan Brown, who portrayed the role of her on-screen husband Luke, that made it so easy for her to make romantic gestures and express romantic feelings (the wrong husband she was forced to marry).

Her emotions captivated more than just her devoted following, though. During an interview with Larry King, another cast member named Chamberlain lauded her performance as an actress. He went on to say:

“The love sequences in “The Thorn Birds,” which featured the stunningly gorgeous Rachel Ward and in which I appeared, were a joy to perform…

And at the same time, she was truly developing romantic feelings for Brian Brown…

It was a great experience to kiss her and hold her and do all of those other things to her. It was a beautiful experience.”

Brown did not gain Ward’s affection with clever sayings or flattery; rather, he wooed her with a palm reading. This was Brown’s strategy for capturing Ward’s heart. While the actor was waiting for the take to begin, he is said to have approached the English-Australian celebrity and begged for her hand, saying that he could see into the future. After carefully examining the lines on her hand, Ward agreed, at which point her co-star pointed out that she would eventually have three children.

Brown, who went on to establish his career and enjoy renown in his homeland, Australia, and beyond, cheekily claimed that he never thought Ward would be carrying his babies. Brown went on to grow his profession and experience success in all of these places. But even after more than forty years have passed, he will never forget how fortunate he was to travel the road with his former co-star.

For Ward, her desire to him was fundamental up to the point that he demonstrated his charisma. Then, to our great relief, her on-screen mother, Jean Simmons, picked up on it and put them together. Chamberlain, who saw the beginnings of their budding affair, said that the two of them were so in love with one another that they mutually felt the same sensations.

Even though it was obvious that they had grown affections for one other, the choice to be married was somewhat impulsive despite this fact. According to the account given by Brown:

“When I was in London, I worked with Paul McCartney on the movie “Give My Regards to Broad Street.” Rachel accompanied me on this trip. We had planned to spend a week in Ireland, but instead we got into a heated disagreement when we were there. Just now I had the notion that if we’re going to bicker like that, we may as well tie the knot.”

Their enormous disagreement cleared the ground for the grandiose wedding ceremony that was held at the Georgian house where the actress had spent her youth, Cornwell Manor, which is located in Oxfordshire.

After the wedding, the actor from “Along Came Polly” and his wife relocated to Sydney, Australia, where they started a new chapter in their lives by starting a family. James, Matilda, and Rose are their three children.

One of Ward’s most important contributions, “The Thorn Birds,” is still one of his most famous works. In contrast to her husband, who expanded his career by starring in films such as “Gorillas in the Mist” and “Australia,” she gave up acting and instead focused on directing movies and creating screenplays instead of continuing to act.

She saw an increase in her anxieties as a direct result of the miniseries’s widespread acclaim. Even though she prevailed in the competition for the Meggie part over well-known actresses such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Olivia Newton-John, Kim Basinger, and Jane Seymour, it was difficult for her to maintain a career in the film business.

Her devoted spouse justified the conduct, acknowledging that the celebrity was difficult to deal with. [Case in point:] But “The Thorn Birds” did not have a plethora of negative aspects, they loved working together, and it is widely acknowledged as being the catalyst for their first encounter.

After more than three decades had passed, the pair participated in the production of a movie called “Palm Beach.” This time around, Ward demonstrated her prowess as a filmmaker, and her and her husband’s daughter Matilda, who also has a talent for acting, appeared in the film with Matilda’s father.

Former coworkers and other well-known actors, such as Greta Scacchi, Sam Neil, and Richard Grant, were involved in the production of this movie as cast members and staff members. The two Australians are having the time of their lives while also providing fans with an entertaining show to watch. They are encircled by their children, all of whom reside in the area and have a strong connection with their parents.

In 2019, they became the proud grandparents of their first grandchild, Zan, shortly after winning another title offscreen. Brown was a witness to the birth of his child and was attached to his wife in the delivery room, making it an unforgettable and peculiar experience.

The actor stated that the birth was a surprise to him, but that he didn’t find it unusual to be in the delivery room with his daughter. He was there for his children and could not understand the rationale of his absence from his grandchild Zan.

A number of years later, Matilda presented her parents with the gift of their first granddaughter, Anouk, who was born to them. Brown and Ward were fascinated with the teeny little minions, and they said that they missed them whenever they were in a separate location from them. For them, the more of them, the better.

This pair is no different from the Hollywood power couples who openly discuss their experiences together as well as the secrets of their happy marriages.

Brown added that knowing and appreciating his wife has been the key to maintaining a strong and happy marriage for the two of them. This requires me to acknowledge that she is always correct. He explained:

“The most important thing is to always agree with your wife and to take responsibility for any problems that may arise by saying “It’s my fault.” If males had that understanding, it would make them happy.”

Fans of “The Thorn Birds” claimed that the two characters had a complicated connection that did not include love on the show. They worked together for many years, never gave up on each other, and, of course, accepted that Ward was in the right every time. As a result, they came up with a new narrative that eventually turned into a fairytale romance.

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