She saw a man who was barefoot and putting boxes on his feet, and she did not hesitate to help him in the way she could…

Ace is the nickname given to Ta Leia Thomas, who is employed in a liquor shop in Minnesota. Her boss saw her recently going throughout the business in her socks, and the video from the surveillance camera explains why she was doing so.

The camera captures her giving a homeless guy, who had boxes attached to his feet, some consideration and care. When Ace realized that he need assistance, he did not waste any time in offering his assistance.

Ace didn’t skip a beat as she pulled off her favorite pair of shoes—a pair of purple throwback Jordans—and handed them over to the guy.

She said that he had told her that “nobody would ever gift me shoes like those,” and I replied, well, I guess I’m not everyone,” she said. Ace said that her kind action “was a simple choice to make.”

“I didn’t care about the shoes as much as I cared about him,” she said, “I didn’t know him, but I thought it would be better to offer him something that he could need, I was always taught to assist other people,” she said, “You have no way of knowing what issue they are dealing with or what they are going through.

Tom Agnes, Ace’s manager, has always had a great deal of respect for the work ethic that Ace has as well as the positive relationship that she shares with her patrons.

When Tom found out about her act of charity, he made the decision to purchase her a pair of brand new shoes before the conclusion of her shift.

In addition to being the primary caregiver for her mother, Ace sleeps on the floor of the room so that her mother may have the bed to herself.

And Tom had managed to save up some cash in order to give it to Ace so that she could purchase another bed for herself.