Ralph Dorn couldn’t find his dog, Harley. But when he found out where his dog was, he couldn’t believe it

When Ralph Dorn couldn’t find his dog Harley one late June evening, he went outside to look in his backyard lake. He saw Harley in the water with a fawn, and his dog was guiding the small animal back to land.

“I couldn’t find Harley until I glanced out on the lake this evening.” “He was in the middle of the lake leading a small fawn back to the beach,” Dorn stated on Facebook. “I’m not sure how the fawn got out there, but Harley certainly didn’t question why; he simply acted.”

Dorn and his wife Patricia documented their dog’s heroic efforts and uploaded them to Facebook, where the story quickly went viral.

The fawn was alone in the middle of the lake, with no sign of its mother.

However, Harley skillfully guided the fawn back to shore.

Harley took care to stay by the fawn’s side as they moved closer to shore.

He examined the fawn to ensure that it was healthy.

They both arrived safely on dry land.

Harley made certain that the fawn could stand.

Even as the fawn stood up, he remained anxious.

He took his time sniffing the fawn all over.

Dorn stated that the mama deer returned once she saw her young on land.

Harley ran into the fawn again the next morning.

“The narrative continues,” Dorn posted on Facebook. Harley seemed restless this morning, racing from window to window. We could hear the fawn bleating as I opened the front door. Harley dashed into the woods and discovered the fawn. “The small one stopped bleating, his tail was wagging, they smelled each other, and Harley came back to the house peacefully with me.”

Dorn told PEOPLE that the mother quickly returned and that they hadn’t seen the fawn or its mother since. Dorn justified Harley’s conduct by saying that he has always been kind and that he is a registered therapy dog. “Even as a puppy, we could see he had such a kind heart,” Dorn adds. “He’s always been that way with kids and animals. “He adores all of them.”



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