Why did Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight leave her? Here’s details of their tensed past…

Jon Voight is accustomed to being in the spotlight. Throughout his entire existence, the actor has been relevant. In addition to his personal fame, his kids are also well-known.

Perhaps even his daughter, Angelina Jolie, is more famous than he is. But despite having similar jobs, the two have a rather

The bond between Jon Voight and his daughter Angelina Jolie is infamously strained. Years later, the actor, who used to frequently cheat on Angelina’s mother, blames himself for his daughter’s “severe mental difficulties.”

Voight once remarked of her daughter, “She was never normal,” while acknowledging some guilt by claiming he had never tried to help her.

When Angelina and her brother James Haven were very young—Angelina was actually just a baby—James Voight abandoned them both. Voight had been having extramarital affairs with their mother Marcheline Bertrand before abruptly leaving the family.

“Back then, she had a terrible father figure in Jon Voight. On her mother, he cheated. Susan Margaret, the mother of a childhood friend of Jolie’s, said in an interview that Marcheline was “broken-­hearted.” “She claimed that Jon had mistreated her emotionally. She claimed that he had feelings for a Hollywood actress. With everything that was going on, Angelina found it difficult to grow up. She is very hostile toward her father,” she continued.

James, Angelina’s brother, mentioned that their father once said that Voight put them through a lot. There was a lot of hurt and anger, he said. He tortured my mother mentally for years.

Later on, Jolie discussed how her mother was deeply impacted by her failed marriage. “When my father had an affair, it changed her life,” she wrote. It ignited her desire for a family life. She cherished being a mother, though.

Voight was not around for the most of her youth, but the pair astonished many fans by working together in the 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Due to their collaborative endeavor, it appeared that everything was going well, but Voight later claimed in an interview from 2002 that Jolie had “severe mental difficulties.”

This came after Jolie publicly renounced the last name “Voight.”

Her father discussed their relationship again in a subsequent interview, saying, “I’ve had trouble getting through to her… She has avoided me because she is aware that I have been attempting to contact her in order to obtain assistance.

“I want to tell Angie that I love her and I want her to get the care she needs,” he said during the conversation in an effort to connect with her.

In her interviews, Jolie was more subdued. In 2002, she stated, “I don’t want to make the reasons for my strained relationship with my father public. I will only say that [James] and I would have wanted to have had a loving relationship with our father, just like every child does. After all these years, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should avoid my father, especially now that I’m in charge of my own child.

According to a source who spoke to the media in 2008, Voight was trying to get back in touch with his kids because “as he gets older, he’s realizing the value of family and longs to be a part of his daughter and grandchildren’s lives.” Being isolated breaks his heart.

Nothing makes Jon happier than getting his family back together. Being avoided by his children kills him. He’s prepared to go to any lengths to put this rift behind him, according to a second source.

The two of them made an attempt to stay in each other’s lives in the years that followed. Jon and I have come to know one another via our grandchildren, and we’re developing a new friendship, according to Jolie.

A source claims that Jon Voight is currently a devoted grandfather to all of his grandchildren. According to the insider, Jon adores his grandchildren and has images of them all over his home and office. He’s stepped up in some great ways over the past few years and has truly been there for her and the kids, the commenter continued.