Simon Cowell claims that having children helped him avoid a “dark” addiction…

One of the toughest and most critical judges on talent competition reality shows is famed entertainment tycoon Simon Cowell. He is a record executive, television personality, and businessman who has also utilized his platform to help others by taking part in charitable endeavors over the years. Among Cowell’s most well-known productions are “The X Factor,” “Britain’s Got Talent,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “American Idol.”

Growing up, Cowell was constantly exposed to musical influences, so it was not surprising when he entered the entertainment sector with a particular emphasis on the music industry. Many bands and musicians he helped establish their careers, and many of them got their big break on his competition shows. The music entrepreneur has contributed to both the production and commercial sides of several musical releases, as well as the financial side of his own entertainment company, Syco Entertainment.

Cowell spends time with his family, which consists of his longtime partner Lauren Silverman and their gorgeous son Eric, who reside together in their family home in Malibu, California, when he is not busy judging others on television or working with various musical artists. Although the happy pair is now viewed favorably, their relationship didn’t always go smoothly because Cowell was a close friend of the couple and Lauren was already married.

Cowell is now a devoted parent to his son Eric. Eric has been a wonderful support and inspiration to his father despite being only 8 years old.

According to Good Housekeeping, Cowell and Lauren had an on-again, off-again romance at the beginning of their partnership because they were both in previous committed relationships. When the American socialite fell pregnant with Cowell’s child in 2013, they were open about it. As Lauren was still technically married at the time, the news quickly turned into a huge scandal when her then-husband promptly filed for divorce.

On February 14, 2014, Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Eric amidst all the high-profile controversy.

The first time Cowell met his son Eric, he reportedly exclaimed, “This is the most magical moment of my life,” according to Express. According to a source close to Cowell, who was also quoted by the news source, “For once he was so thrilled he was speechless and he stated he choked up entirely as he ­cradled tiny Eric in his arms.”

On “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Cowell discussed his son, saying:

He is the most incredible thing to happen to me. I adore the man.

According to reports, Cowell was concerned about his son’s reaction to seeing him after surgery after his accident in 2020:

“I couldn’t walk, and I have these metal rods and screws in my back, so I was very ashamed to come home looking around 100 (years) old. “Lauren, I just don’t know how to explain it to (Eric),” I remarked. He entered the room while I was in bed and said, “Daddy, you’re like Ironman,” which I thought was the cutest thing and meant a lot. She must have mentioned something to him.

In an interview in October 2022, Cowell expressed his affection for his 8-year-old kid and said that having a child had taught him how to manage his job and personal life. Cowell disclosed:

“Before Eric, work consumed 99% of my time since I was infatuated with it. When everything started to revolve around the idea that “If you’re not ranking against this then you’re a failure,” I stopped finding enjoyment in my work and was miserable the entire time.

According to Cowell, he grew “depressed” because he was so “obsessed” with winning the tournament. But having children made a difference for him. He clarified:

“I was so depressed. But since Eric has been here, I no longer stay up late working. God alone knows what might have happened if he hadn’t shown up.

Cowell has undoubtedly matured since his heyday as one of the competition series’ harshest critics. Thank God, I’m a very different man than I was ten years ago, he said.

Cowell had to deal with a number of challenges, including losing both of his parents and overcoming health issues. To be honest, he remarked, “But Eric changed everything,” adding that his love for his kid goes “beyond your love for your parents.” It nearly hurts how much you adore them, Cowell continued. Then you start to wonder, “What will his dad have done when he gets up?” I give that a lot of thought.

Cowell used to have trouble striking a balance between business and family life, but he seems to have it down well today. He clarified: “My family comes first, hands down, if you were to ask me now which is more important—my profession or my family. However, while discussing legacy, it’s also crucial to feel as though your work has been worthwhile.”

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