Police officer in Indiana finds tiny baby girl in a Haven box. Then he decides to do the following

When an officer from Mishawaka, Indiana, and his wife adopted an eight-year-old daughter, they were overjoyed. They had no clue that another small miracle would befall them a few weeks later.

Bruce and Shelby Faltynski were overjoyed when the opportunity to grow their family arose. In March 2022, they welcomed a beautiful child called Kaia into their household. However, the family’s experience was only getting started.

The pair had so much love to give that they were taken aback when their phone rang a few weeks later. Bruce and Shelby couldn’t turn down another life-changing chance from the Department of Children’s Services (DCS).

Bruce was accustomed to the world’s misery and brutality as a police officer, but he never dreamed that his career would lead to an unexpected bundle of joy. He and his wife were settling in as new parents to Kaia, but fate had other ideas for them.

DCS called Bruce and informed him about a little infant girl in need of a home. She was discovered in a safe haven box, where moms may leave their children without facing legal consequences. Shelby remembered:

“The doctor felt [she was] maybe less than 24 hours old when she was deposited in the Lake County safe haven box.”

Myah, the newborn, was taken to the NICU and treated for stroke symptoms. Despite her difficult beginnings, she was a warrior who refused to give up. She was doing well and reaching all of the toddler milestones with ease.

Shelby expressed thanks to Myah’s birth mother for her bold efforts, and the Faltynskis welcomed her into their family without hesitation.

With their warmth and affection, the Faltynski family influenced numerous individuals. Bruce and Shelby provided two tiny children the opportunity to develop and dream without boundaries by opening their houses.

Bruce, Shelby, Kaia, and Myah appeared in court in November with grins on their faces and love in their hearts. It was Adoption Day, and they couldn’t wait to welcome Myah into their family.

It was a joyous moment that they would remember for the rest of their lives. The four people in the family were overjoyed to be back together, and Bruce and Shelby thanked God twice.



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