On his show, Steve Harvey’s son makes a revelation that brings him to tears…

Many people are unaware of the genuine tale of rags to riches that comedian and TV host Steve Harvey has to tell.

He is now regarded as one of America’s most powerful superstars, but few are aware of the arduous road he had to take as he battled for his aspirations and overcame some difficult challenges along the way.
Steve Harvey, who was raised by a coal miner in West Virginia, didn’t have much. When he finally decided to pursue a profession, he had to work a variety of jobs to pay for it, including those as a mailman, a carpet cleaner, and even a boxer.

He had little money after getting divorced from his first wife because he was mailing his children’s paychecks from his stand-up comedy jobs. The unfortunate result was that he ended up being homeless.

rator and taking showers at gas stations and swimming pools.

“One or two jobs fell through, and all of a sudden I was homeless… I had nowhere to go… It was extremely demoralizing… A week is probably the maximum you can do,” the musician said. It had been three years. “the funny man once said.

Before getting his big break in 1990 after reaching the finals of the “Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search,” the diligent comedian struggled throughout the majority of the 1980s to establish a name for himself. He quickly rose to the position of host of the late-night program “Showtime at the Apollo.”

Harvey’s first two marriages resulted in the birth of four children, and with his third marriage to Marjorie Bridges, he added a further seven children.

It could not have been simple for him to come into Marjorie’s large family when he adopted her children. Harvey had no idea, though, how much he had meant to the kids he had adopted.

Each of his seven children recounted their fondest memory of their father when they appeared on Harvey’s show as part of a surprise birthday appearance, but it was Harvey’s stepson Jason who made the comedian cry.

Jason said, “You took my mum.” “But with it, you gained much more. What you did was give me your last name, which is unthinkable.

“You know, my father tried to help, but he wasn’t there. And you intervened and gave it to me.

“If only you understood the true love I have for you—I need for you to understand that right now. You, Dad, are the best there is. You it.”

As he wiped the tears from his eyes, Harvey cradled his head in his hands. He seems both surprised and encouraged by Jason’s remarks. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as the camera swung to the viewing crowd.

Following the lovely memories that his children had shared of their father, Steve’s wife paid tribute to her devoted husband.

“I admire the guy you are, the role model you set for our children. I value the way you respect my parents, how you treat me, and how you love my children as if they were your own. Simply everything.”

After his family had finished their tributes, Steve found it difficult to speak due to his tears.

“I found them four full-time jobs. He paused to gather himself before continuing, “So that when I am done, I just want you all to have remembered that somebody cared more about you than himself.”

“I love you all, and this is what it means to me. I will uphold your honor till the day I die. The best experience I’ve ever had is right now. My pride in being your father is great.

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