Since they first shared a piece of rum cake on the floor together, Alan Alda and his wife of 65 years have been described as “irreplaceable.” Watch their interview below…

When Alan Alda was attending Fordham University to study theater and improvisation, that’s where he first met his future wife, Arelene Weiss. He saw her performance of Mozart on the clarinet at a house party while she was a student at Hunter College in New York City. She was studying music at the time.

A couple of weeks later, they were both asked the same dinner party held at the same apartment by a friend that they had in common. When the shaking of the refrigerator caused a rum cake that had been put on top of the refrigerator to fall, the two of them were seated on opposite sides of the table.

The only people that attempted to eat the cake off the floor were Alda and Weiss, and after that, the two of them became inseparable from one another. When Alda heard Weiss laughing at one of his jokes, she couldn’t help but be pulled to her.

After that, the people who were born and raised in New York City went through six inches of snow in Central Park, but they paid no mind to it since they were too busy talking to one another. After that, they did some kind of circling activity while exchanging cakes.

Following their sweet first meeting over dinner, Alda and Weiss began seeing one other and finally tied married on March 15, 1957, one year later. When they were married, the two sweethearts were both working hard to establish themselves professionally in their respective fields.

She has written 15 books for children, the first of which was published in the 1990s and includes titles such as “Lulu’s Piano Lesson” and “Morning Glory Monday.” In several of her publications, she also included her own photographs that she had taken as illustrations. Eve, Elizabeth, and Beatrice are their three daughters, and the couple also has a son named Beatrice. In addition, they are grandparents to a total of eight grandkids.

Alan Alda claimed that his wife, Weiss, was the one who taught him how to read the newspaper and become a better thinker only a few days before the pair was to celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary.

She was also extremely supportive of Alda and ensured that he remained true to his principles. During the early years of their marriage, when both of them were still finding their footing in their respective fields of work, the woman who is now a mother of three never suggested to her husband that he seek employment in corporate America.

After praising her for being the soul of his soul, Alda went on to say that without her, he never would have achieved the level of accomplishment that he now enjoys. Whenever Weiss saw him leave the home for work, he would offer him words of encouragement.

Weiss claimed the key to having a successful marriage is having a short memory when asked about her ideas on why their marriage lasted as long as it did. She emphasized that there is no other kind of connection that is as intimate as a marriage that does not have tumultuous times.

It is essential for individuals who are going through difficult times in their relationships to keep in mind that when they are shouting at each other, they are yelling at someone that they care about.

Eve Alda, Elizabeth Alda, and Beatrice Alda are the three daughters that Alan Alda and Arlene Weiss have been blessed with as parents. Eve Alda, the couple’s oldest child, was born on December 18th, 1958.

Eve, in contrast to her parents, made the conscious decision to lead a life that was less publicized and more conformist in nature. She graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in psychology and now makes her home in Winchester, Massachusetts.

She had written something about her father’s decision to be clean about having Parkinson’s disease on Facebook at one point. She was proud of her father for pursuing his acting profession despite his illness, and she thanked him for it.

Elizabeth Alda, who was the couple’s second child, was born on August 20, 1960. She debuted in the acting world in the same film as her father, “The Four Seasons,” in 1981. She has been described as “following in her father’s footsteps.”

Elizabeth also had an appearance in the film “Night of the Creeps” in the year 1986. She had a brief stint in Hollywood before deciding to pursue a career in the field of special education teaching instead.

Beatrice Alda was the couple’s very last child to be born. The 10th of August, 1961 was the day she was born. She also followed in her father Alda’s footsteps by acting in the film “The Four Seasons,” which also starred her older sister and her father.

She then went on to star in “A New Life” and “Men of Respect,” both of which came out after that. Beatrice’s first attempt at directing was the documentary titled “Out Late,” which she directed. She is the mother of four gorgeous children in addition to being the proud owner of the production firm known as “Forever Films Studios.”

Still, though they are both in their 90s at this point, the pair is still very much in love with one another and even shares jokes and laughter together. The purpose of Alan’s frequent Instagram postings featuring his wife is to showcase her beauty.

Arlene may be seen in one of the images posing with a dish of food that was included in the post that he made. There was no accompanying caption for the post; yet, Arlene’s radiant grin conveyed all that needed to be stated. However, he admitted that there were times when it was difficult, and he said that a relationship as intimate as marriage was bound to have some difficulties.

In addition, Alan posted a picture of seven potatoes that each had a candle placed inside of them. He said that Arlene had fashioned the potatoes into a menorah so that the pair could enjoy it over the holiday season.

In addition, he once published a tweet in which he mentioned that whenever he leaves the house to complete an important task, his wife tells him how great he will be and that it does wonderful things for his confidence. He also said that it was something that he had mentioned in a tweet in the past.

Arlene and Alan had three children of their own, and they now have eight grandchildren. Alan said that he looks forward to spending time with his grandkids and that he believes laughter is the greatest medicine. In addition to that, he delights in doting on his grandkids. He said:

“To my mind, it does not constitute a spoiler. They are aware of our affection for them. In my opinion, there is no such thing as saying too much to someone about how much you care for them. They are not harmed by it in any way.”

In addition to this, he has expressed how proud he is of his grandkids for everything that they have accomplished despite their early years. He said that everyone went in their own direction and is doing well as a result.

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