Suzanne Somers and her husband of 45 years, with whom she has a large family of 18, are still holding hands in bed…

Suzanne Somers has experience in every field. During the course of her very lengthy career, she has held a variety of roles, including those of actor, novelist, singer, entrepreneur, and health ambassador. As the multifaceted lady has made more impressive efforts to boost her profession, she has continued to generate headlines, which indicates that she is doing something right. As a result of the contentious remarks that Somers has made throughout the course of her career, she is infamous for being a very divisive figure. On the other hand, it must be denied that despite being 76 years old, this lady still looks extremely stunning, as seen by recent images that she has posted on Instagram.

The well-known actress is well known for her roles in the television series “Three’s Company” and “Step by Step.” Somers is the author of a number of books on food and nutrition, as well as works on self-help, memoirs, and even a collection of her own poems. By obtaining employment as a spokeswoman for infomercials, she maintained her public profile even when she was not working on television series or performing in films.

Her personal outlooks on the realm of medicine have been the subject of criticism throughout the course of the years, despite the fact that she maintains a prominent public profile while having no official education or experience in the relevant field. In spite of the fact that her mother worked as a medical secretary, Suzanne Somers has never pursued a career in the medical industry for herself. Instead, she has used her experiences to develop a number of controversial perspectives, which she has shared with others. Despite this, Somers continued to host “The Suzanne Show,” a talk show that aired for thirteen episodes in 2012 and included conversations with a variety of guests on a wide variety of subjects relating to health and fitness.

Her personal life and her professional life both had their fair share of ups and downs, and she experienced both throughout her career. Although Suzanne Somers, who has been married twice, has encountered certain challenges in the realm of love and family, she has met these challenges head-on and emerged victorious. Continue reading to find out more about her second marriage, which has lasted for 45 years, the challenges they have faced as a family, and the key to their everlasting love.

Somers was born on October 16th, 1946 in the city of San Bruno, located in the state of California. During her early years, while she was a student at San Francisco Institution for Women, which was a college for women that was operated by the Catholic Society of the Sacred Heart, her religion was very important to her. In 1965, while Somers was still in her teenage years, she wed her first husband, Bruce Somers. In November of the same year, the couple had their first child together, a boy named Bruce Somers Jr. Sadly, the couple were unable to sustain their love for one another, and in 1968 they filed for divorce.

She first met presenter Alan Hamel while working as a prize model on the show “Anniversary Game.” The two were infatuated with one another very soon and remained together for a decade before ultimately being married in 1977. Although they do not have any children together, Somers already had one from a prior marriage, and Hamel already had two from his first marriage to Marilyn Hamel. The pair does not currently have any children of their own.

Somers explained that in the early days of their marriage, when they were still adjusting to their new life together, they found that combining their families was a challenging endeavor. She stated to the People:

During the ten years that we were dating and living together (which was really kind of hot), we fought like dogs. However, being married helped to settle things down. Building up our company while also integrating our families brought up new challenges, but in the end, our personal and professional connections were crystal evident, and here we are, 50 years later, feeling very fortunate.

Even when a fire completely destroyed her house in Malibu in 2007, Somers was able to look on the bright side and express her gratitude that none of her family members were harmed in the blaze. She stated, “We will rebuild, and I genuinely feel that we will learn something amazing from this experience.” “We will learn something fantastic from this experience,” she concluded.

Now, 45 years after exchanging “I dos,” Somers and Hamel have only become stronger and are adjusting to their new duties as grandparents. They continue to move from strength to strength as a married couple. However, this does not always indicate that there is no longer any passion in their relationship.

Somers made waves in 2017 with the publication of her memoir titled “Two’s Company: A Fifty-Year Romance with Lessons Learned in Love, Life, and Business.” In the book, she revealed the love that she still feels with her husband and how she has never spent a night apart from him. She revealed to People that one of the reasons for the longevity of their relationship was the mutual desire that they had for one another.

“Alan’s gaze is one of my favorite things in the world. I enjoy gazing at him. Both of us get turned on by each other. It was like this from the very beginning, and it continues to be like way to this very day. Every every day, I give thanks to God for blessing me with such an amazing love.

She went on to say, “We pay a lot of attention to one another.” At the very least, we go out on dates three times every week. When we are alone ourselves, we break into dancing. We treat one another with courtesy and consideration. We both place a high priority on maintaining our health. I never grow bored of him. We have a good time together…. We complete and fulfill each other in every way.

Even after spending decades together raising their family, which now numbers 18 members, the couple continues to maintain a tight relationship, even throughout the night.

“Like, it’s not a hassle for either one of us. I can’t get enough of giving him hugs and rubbing his hair. When we go to sleep, he always tells me how lovely I am, and we fall asleep holding hands. According to an interview she gave to Us magazine, “it’s the most wonderful period of my life.”

It is evident that their love is still going strong since on January 6, 2023, Somers sent a heartfelt message on Instagram in honor of Hamel on the occasion of their 55th wedding anniversary. It contained a composite of two photographs: one from their earlier days and one contemporary image of them together, with the message “Still smiling after 55 years.”

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