Hugh Jackman is Hugh Reynolds’ top pick for the Academy Award, and Ryan Reynolds is on his side…

The friendly banter between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has continued throughout this year’s award season.

After Jackman made a video last week in which he jokingly begged the Academy not to nominate Reynolds’ movie Spirited for the Oscar for Best Original Song, Reynolds responded by making a video of his own in which he argued that Jackman should be nominated for the award for Best Actor for his performance in The Son.

He started out the video by saying “Hey, everyone.” “You are probably aware that Hugh Jackman kindly requested that the Academy not vote for our song “Good Afternoon” in the category for Best Song last week. Well, I’m not going to go to that level, so there. I am going to show that I am capable of handling difficult situations by putting everything else aside and instead focusing on the fact that I adored Hugh’s performance in The Son. There is absolutely no sarcasm about this. No wink, wink, nudge, nudge.”

Reynolds, who is 46 years old, said, “Hugh’s performance is, without a doubt, up there with the absolute best of his whole career, and his career has already achieved a great deal of success. Already, he has been considered for a nomination for a Golden Globe. As a result, I respectfully recommend Hugh for your consideration. Okay.”

The actor seemed to be trying to turn off the camera as the video progressed, but the tape caught him mid-sentence stating something that was picked up on a hot mic: “Who would win, Wolverine or D.e.a.dpool? Who does he think he is? Not on your life, chappie. Not on your life.”

Jackman, who is 54 years old, posted a video of Reynolds on Instagram with the remark, “when @vancityreynolds is feeling really high. I ascend farther.”

Jackman and Reynolds are gearing up to start production on the impending sequel to D.e.a.dpool, in which Jackman will play Wolverine for the tenth time. In the video he posted the week before, Hugh Jackman said that if the song “Good Afternoon” from Ryan Reynolds’ film Spirited were to be nominated for an Academy Award, it “would make the next year of my life unbearable.”

He addressed everyone, saying, “Hey, everyone, the year 2023 has arrived, and I really, really wanted to give out a nice message at the beginning of the year, but recent events have made it impossible.”

Jackman continued by saying that he and his family “had fun” when they saw Spirited together, and he said that he “laughed the whole way through” the “absolutely wonderful” song “Good Afternoon,” which featured Reynolds’ singing prominently.

“However,” he said, “I’ve just learned that the Academy has chosen ‘Good Afternoon’ as one of the songs that will compete for the award for Best Song. If Ryan Reynolds were to get a nomination for best song, it would make the next 12 months of my life absolutely unbearable.”

Jackman said, “I have to spend a year with him filming Wolverine and D.e.a.dpool.” “Believe me when I say that such a thing is impossible. It would be a difficult situation… So, just to summarize, I like the movie Spirited, I adore Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer, I adore the song “Good Afternoon,” and I adore the songwriting duo of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Do not legitimize Ryan Reynolds in this manner at all, please, please, from the bottom of my heart. Please.”

Following this, Reynolds provided a response on Twitter, stating “Disagree. I have no doubt that the deepfakes who sang and danced for Will and I would jump at the chance to take the stage at the Academy Awards.” He continued by asking, “Also, ‘Wolverine and D.e.a.dpool,’ bub?”

On Tuesday, January 24, the nominees for the Academy Awards will be unveiled. On March 12, Jimmy Kimmel will be presenting at the 95th Academy Awards ceremony as the host.

You may watch Spirited right now if you subscribe to Apple TV+. On January 20, cinemas all throughout the country will begin showing The Son.

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