David Bowie confessed he had doubts about his orientation before meeting his wife…

David Bowie had two marriages and one divorce before his death. His first marriage was to Angie Bowie, but before their nuptials, the singer came out as gay in an unexpected way. Discover more.

David Bowie, an English singer-songwriter and actor, is renowned for his radical musical shifts. The icon was a prominent figure in the music business, and he is still considered as one of the 20th century’s most important performers.

His success in the entertainment industry was recognized, as he received numerous honors. It was not surprising that he had such success for a man who had started his journey in music at a young age.

David stood out from his peers ever since he was a teenager. The late singer’s former high school buddy Peter McFadden confirmed it by saying the following:

“He wasn’t like the rest of us, as the school photo shows. At the age of 15, he was already a standout cool guy. I recall that when he was around 12 years old, he began studying the saxophone.”

David made his debut as a saxophone and part-time vocalist with his first band, The Kon-Rads, on June 16, 1962, when he was just 15 years old. Eric Easton, the band’s agent, helped The Kon-Rads perform in low-key neighborhood clubs.

David was introduced to the Bond Street advertising agency Nevin D. Hirst in 1963 by one of his lecturers, Owen Frampton. He continued to pursue his love of music while working at the company as a junior visualizer. David eventually became a vocalist for The King Bees in 1964, and in June of that same year, the group finally made its TV debut.

He made appearances on various programs, and eventually the legend started to publish his songs. He eventually became an icon for several generations. More information about Bowie’s life, including his two marriages, may be seen below.

Angie Bowie, an American actress and journalist, was David’s first spouse. At the singer’s performance in the Roundhouse in 1969, the two first connected.

Unaware that they were dating the same man, Angie threatened to break up with David if he did not sign the agreement. The boyfriend then agreed.

David and Angie’s romance developed over time. The singer was adamant about continuing their friendship despite the circumstances involving their shared partner. So he made the decision to wed the actress. When questioned why he made certain choices, David responded as follows:

I came to the realization that she would be one of the very few ladies I could live with for longer than a week.

Sadly, love was never a factor in David’s decision to wed Angie. In fact, the actor told his ex-wife he wasn’t in love with her before they got married.

Nevertheless, the couple made it down the aisle on March 19, 1970. The 30th of May of the following year saw the birth of son Zowie to David and Angie. The three-person family led a happy life and, until January 22, 1972, was not frequently covered by the news.

David came out as gay to the world on that day, in an interview with Melody Maker. Angie revealed on the “Joan Rivers Show” a few years later that she once discovered the singer and Mick Jagger naked in bed.

Nevertheless, Angie and David remained wed for a short time before divorcing in 1980. The star was granted full custody of their son when they divorced. Angie claimed that she purposefully left Zowie with David in order to aid the latter in overcoming his drug addiction.

The former couple didn’t speak once again over the years, up until David’s passing. Angie acknowledged that events outside of her control and comprehension had shaped her life with David.

After divorcing Angie, David rekindled his romance with Somalian actress and fashion model Iman Abdulmajid. 1990 saw the couple’s first encounter at a dinner party, and the actor instantly fell in love.

Abdulmajid, on the other hand, admitted that she was not interested in dating David. She claims that she fell madly in love with David Jones and not with David Bowie the performer.

But ultimately Abdulmajid caved, and they began dating. The couple kept things under wraps and valued privacy in their relationship. The model thought it was ridiculous to imagine that famous people couldn’t maintain their anonymity.

David and Abdulmajid exchanged vows for the first time in a private ceremony on April 24, 1992, in Lausanne, Switzerland. The couple then had their official wedding ceremony in Florence, Italy, on June 6 of that same year.

Despite being famous, the couple’s connection was no different from a typical marriage. The model claimed that in addition to making supper for her husband every night and bringing their daughter, Lexi, to dance classes, David also spent valuable time with Lexi while playing music.

Overall, David and his wife were more concerned with raising a contented and typical family than they were with the public’s perception of their famous union.

When David and his family learned that he had liver cancer in 2014, it was a difficult moment. The musician only confided in his closest associates and kept his diagnosis a secret.

One of David’s close friends, Tony Visconti, described how the actor battled the condition. He claimed that occasionally after his therapy was through, David would phone and sound weak and “messed up.”

The musician made an effort to remain resilient, and in 2015, he was in remission. Sadly, the cancer reappeared in November 2015, and this time it was worse because it had spread throughout David’s body.
The singer’s hardest times were during those last three months, but David made an effort to maintain his bravery. He recorded five song demos from his sickbed, and one month before he passed away, he made an appearance at the Off-Broadway show’s opening.

Sadly, David died away on January 10, 2016. Abdulmajid considered her marriage and what a wonderful husband David had been after his passing. She described him as friendly and kind, saying that David was the “one man for her.”

Abdulmajid stated that she has no plans to be married again because she still felt married in November 2021. The fashion model still refers to her deceased husband as “her husband” and not “her late husband.”

Lexi, their daughter who was born in August 2020 and is an artist, is in need of a great mother, and Abdulmajid is determined to be that mother in David’s absence.



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