Woman Plans Gender Reveal Party to Surprise Husband, It Goes Wrong When He Says ‘I’m Infertile’

A pregnant woman is thrilled to surprise her husband with a gender reveal party for their baby. But it goes utterly wrong and takes an unexpected dimension when he announces he is infertile.

“What are you looking at?” Joshua broke his wife Emily’s silence by tucking strands of her hair behind her ears as she blushed at the photos of babies on her phone.

“Remember when we married four years ago, you promised we would have a dozen kids?!” she expressed in a painful tone, her smile fading into a grim frown. “But you are always busy with your basketball tournaments. You have no time for me. When are we going to have a baby?”

“Honey, we will try this time, alright??”

But four years is a long time, and I think we should start planning again, Emily thought. The couple went on their long-awaited dream vacation to Hawaii and returned weeks later with Emily feeling sick and nauseated…

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A flood of warm tears streamed down Emily’s reddened face as the pregnancy test kit she held showed positive.

“I’m pregnant!!” she cried in the bathroom as joy filled her heart. Emily could not wait to reveal the news to Joshua, who was away for a game and he would be returning the following week. So she devised a sweet plan to surprise him and organized a gender reveal party with friends and family attending.

Joshua returned the following weekend and was astonished to see balloons and a “Welcome Home Daddy” banner adorn his house. “Hey, buddy, congrats!!” his friends marched toward him, raising their glasses.

“What’s going on?” Joshua was puzzled and strode in to find out.

Seek the truth and try to get both sides of the story instead of making hasty decisions that could be regretful.
The joy of the moment swam in the air as Emily waited for Joshua in a beautiful pink dress. But she did not expect the nightmare that came next.

As Joshua stepped onto the party floor, Emily shouted: “Surprise!!! WE ARE PREGNANT!!”

“Honey, pop the balloon. We can’t wait to know if it’s a boy or a girl… Go on, baby, do it!!”

The guests started cheering around Joshua, but it sounded like the cries of a funeral to him. He was not happy or excited but surprised by his wife’s pregnancy announcement. He stormed upstairs to his room, leaving everyone shocked and whispering things.

Emily ran after him and, moments later, came out and tearfully announced, “Sorry, everyone… the party is canceled!”

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Back in their bedroom…

“It can’t be. I tested a few months ago to find out why we could never conceive. The results revealed I’m INFERTILE,” Joshua fumed at Emily.

“And you’re pregnant, which could only mean one thing — YOU CHEATED on me… I don’t know what to say or how to react. Please leave me alone… Please go away from my life.”

Joshua’s words destroyed Emily’s world. “Honey, there must have been a mistake. This is your child. I truly love you, and there’s no other man in my life. Please trust me.”

“This child you are bearing is a far cry from my diagnosis. I cannot father someone else’s baby. Please get out,” Joshua yelled.

Emily did not imagine her world would crumble so soon. She left the house, hoping Joshua would realize his mistake someday.

Months flew by, and Emily welcomed a baby boy. She decided to raise him alone and anticipated Joshua would soon send her the divorce papers.

While nursing her newborn baby, Emily noticed something peculiar on his back. It was a birthmark, but what baffled Emily was that Joshua also had the same birthmark on the same spot. The identical birthmarks seemed like a golden ticket to prove her loyalty and restore her marriage.

“I have no time to waste; I’ve got to do this right away,” Emily thought, putting a plan to save her marriage into motion.

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Emily quickly took a photo of her baby with the birthmark exposed and sent it to Joshua, followed by a message.

“Honey, do you believe me now? This is our baby, and he has the same birthmark you have on your back. He is our baby, darling. I never cheated on you, and I would never do that.”

Emily hoped from the bottom of her heart that Joshua would get back to her after seeing the picture. But days passed, and he never showed up.

“Did he see my message and our baby’s photo?”

Emily was discharged from the hospital and returned to her cousin’s house. Since childhood, Emily had dreamed of raising a beautiful family. The friction in her parents’ marriage took a toll on her. Their frequent quarrels and misunderstandings ripped her joy away and made her yearn for a loving family.

And when she met and dated Joshua, her hopes of raising the family of her dreams were restored. But she never imagined it would be destroyed too soon.

It had been over three weeks, and Joshua had not contacted Emily nor responded to her message yet. Then one day, he paid her a surprise visit with her favorite flowers, much to her shock.

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“Darling, I am so sorry. It was just a misunderstanding I could’ve sorted by myself. Please forgive me and come home,” Joshua began.

Emily was stunned beyond belief. She didn’t know how to react because the man who accused her of betrayal returned with a different story. That’s when Joshua finally cleared the air of confusion.

“After you sent me the photo of our baby, I took another test. My goodness, how silly of me to have trusted a fertility test over my wife and child?!”

“Er… I don’t understand. What happened?” Emily chimed in, confused.

“The second test I took recently revealed I can have kids! When I took the first test months ago, I was under steroid influence during gym workouts. So the results declared I was infertile. But I stopped taking steroids for the last few months before we went on our vacation. I think the rest explains it!!”

Emily asked no more and hugged Joshua tight. Her nose ran as she wept like a kid on his shoulder, wetting his favorite white T-shirt with tears of joy.

They reconciled and moved back home with their newborn baby, Kevin. Ultimately, Emily’s dream of raising a beautiful family came true, and the unexpected storm in her life settled. Meanwhile, Joshua learned to trust his wife and the importance of seeking the truth instead of making hasty decisions that he would regret forever.