With his rendition of “Imagine” at the school talent show, a fourth grader moved his parents to tears…

School children can demonstrate their talents in talent events, and one fourth-grader did just that to the delight of his mother and, shortly after, millions of others around the world.

Adam Kornowski performed during the school’s talent show in 2018 as a fourth-grader at Lakeside Elementary School in Chisago City, Minneapolis. The audience member who would be filming his performance of John Lennon’s timeless hit “Imagine” was his mother, Michelle Kornowski. The small youngster bravely approached the piano. Everyone in the room went silent as his soothing voice filled the space. There was not a dry eye in the house when he was finished.

Michelle, a happy mother, shared the entirety of his performance with her family and friends on Facebook. The events that followed are a real tribute to Adam’s skill. The post had 14 million views and nearly 200,000 likes in the end. She tagged it with:

“Today was Adam’s all-school talent presentation. He did use “Imagine.” By the time it was through, no parent in the room was dry-eyed. He received a standing ovation, and the cheers never stopped! If I released it, a woman stopped me to say she would purchase it on iTunes! I adore his final bow; it is very gracious.

The motivating song had a lot of heart thanks to Adam’s tranquil and melodic voice and superb piano playing in the video. Michelle claimed that she only intended for family and close friends to see his performance, so she was shocked when the video went viral.

I only have 150 Facebook friends, so this was concerning, Michelle said. Despite the fact that Adam was also taken aback by the tremendous response, she said, they would just “see what happens from this.”

From reading the comments (on the Facebook post), I think I know what happened, Michelle said, adding that this was a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience. Given the status of the world today, I believe people were drawn to the young lad who was singing that song. The timing of this song was perfect.

Adam explained to KARE 11 that he opted to sing “Imagine” because he agreed with its message. The song is about optimism and peace. virtually no conflicts Given what we’re going through right now, it has a lot of relevance, he told the publication.

There is a lot of conflict in the world, and he wanted to write a song with peace and optimism in it in the hopes that people would listen to it, according to his mother, who agreed that it was the perfect song choice. He listens to the music he plays, and I believe the John Lennon song struck a chord with him. As a 10-year-old boy, he just wanted to convey a message.

She claimed that Adam, who began learning the piano from his musician father at the age of 5, isn’t letting internet fame change him and is returning to all the typical interests that 10-year-old children have, including baseball. He was excited because it was thrilling, but he quickly moved on to the next thing, the woman said.

“Adam’s talent has gained him new online fans, many of whom have commended his abilities and poise. He is now a viral sensation. A lot of people praised Adam for performing the well-known song flawlessly and for managing his nerves in front of his classmates, professors, and parents.”

Michelle had attempted to personally thank each person who left a positive comment on the video on Facebook at first, but the influx proved to be too overwhelming. She instead left a message of thanks for Adam and herself.

“Adam’s videos have become very popular. I first made an effort to express gratitude to everyone who shared it and answer every remark, even if it was only to say thank you. Unfortunately, I can’t keep up. We would greatly appreciate it if you liked, commented, or shared it. He has heard some of the most lovely things, and I know it makes him feel fantastic. I’ll keep reading the remarks and talking to Adam about them. The reaction has me speechless. Thank you, everyone!”

Watch the incredible performance here:

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