Groom in Tuxedo Jumps into Lake to Save Older Lady and Recognizes Woman from His Past

Before David and Rachel’s wedding ceremony could start, they heard a commotion. Someone fell in the lake, and without thinking, he rushed to save an older woman, not knowing that she was a person from his past.

Like any other groom, David was waiting for his beautiful bride, Rachel, to be ready to walk down the aisle. His nerves were getting the best of him, but he had his buddies and Rachel’s family right there waiting to celebrate their love with them. That’s all that mattered in the end. And he was so glad that this day had finally come, mainly because he was finally gaining a family, something he had lacked all his life.

Moreover, they were at BellaCosa Lakeside in Lake Wales, Florida, next to Lake Pierce, and the scenery couldn’t have been better. The hall in the beautiful white mansion was ready for the reception. Still, Rachel and David had decided that the ceremony had to be outside, overlooking the lake and watching as the sun set on their fantastic love story.

David couldn't wait to marry Rachel on this beautiful venue next to a lake. | Source: Pexels

It was romantic, sappy, and all the clichés you could think about, but honestly, that’s what couples want for their wedding. Moreover, David was not afraid to admit that he loved the entire process of planning this event. It was hectic, expensive, and crazy, but he couldn’t wait to say his vows and dance the night away with the love of his life.

To his utter shock, he knew her, although he had not invited her. She was a woman from his past. Someone he hadn’t thought of in a long time, and he couldn’t believe she was back in his life.
His almost-sister-in-law, Georgina, gave him a signal from afar that Rachel was just about ready, and most people took their places in the aisle, waiting for the music to start.

But suddenly, a commotion pulled their attention away from everything, and even the wedding planner, who was supposed to put the music on, got distracted. All the guests looked toward a desperate sound that couldn’t be ignored.

David followed his guests and turned towards the lake as the sounds of someone yelling continued, and his eyes widened at the sight of a woman flapping her arms desperately in the water. She was right next to the dock but obviously couldn’t swim.

He rushed to save the woman, not thinking about his clothes or anything else. | Source: Pexels

Something came over David, and he forgot that he was wearing a brand new, pricey tuxedo when he rushed to the lake. He heard the sounds of others following him, but he didn’t stop. Someone needed his help, and he had to do something.

He jumped without a second thought, and his groomsmen helped him get the woman out of the water. She slumped into his arms as if her screams and helpless flaps had exhausted her, and David felt terrible for the woman, who was most likely his guest that day.

After climbing back on the dock, he wiped his face and knelt next to the woman as his groomsmen watched over them. She was unconscious, and it made his spine grow cold.

But to his utter shock, he knew her, although he had not invited her. She was a woman from his past. Someone he hadn’t thought of in a long time, and he couldn’t believe she was back in his life.

“Miss Thompson?” he asked, grabbing the woman’s arms and shaking her. When she didn’t react, David got desperate and started panicking. “Does anyone know CPR?”

The woman he saved was Miss Thompson, the only teacher at the orphanage who believed in him. | Source: Pexels

“Yeah,” one of his friends stepped up and pushed him slightly away. Luckily, Miss Thompson reacted and started choking water out.

“Miss Thompson? Miss Thompson, are you alright?” David wondered, getting closer once his friend stood up.

“Oh, dear. David, oh god. You’re all wet. Did I ruin your wedding?” was the first thing his old teacher asked, laughing awkwardly and lifting her torso from the wooden dock.

“No, Miss Thompson. That doesn’t matter. Are you alright? What happened?” he inquired, not caring about anything else.

The older woman sighed heavily and shook her head. “I was waiting on the sidelines. This lake is beautiful, so I stepped on the dock while waiting. Then I saw everyone settling in their seats like the ceremony was starting. I was about to walk over, but I tripped on something and fell. I’m afraid that swimming was never my strong suit, and my age certainly didn’t help,” she explained, but she turned the focus on him again. “Dear. Look at your beautiful suit! I ruined everything, didn’t I?”

Before he could say anything, Rachel interrupted with a reassuring smile. | Source: Pexels

A voice interrupted before David could say anything. Rachel was right there, smiling in reassurance and looking like a gorgeous angel. “No, you didn’t, Miss Thompson. We’ll get him all fixed up and start over. It’ll just take a while longer,” his fiancée said, kneeling herself to help everyone get Miss Thompson on her feet.

The older woman apologized to the bride for her actions, but Rachel shook her head fiercely.

David and the rest of the groomsmen followed them away from the dock towards the venue. But now that the initial shock had worn off, he wondered how Miss Thompson was there.

Miss Thompson had been his teacher at the orphanage in Houston and the only person who believed that David could become someone. She pushed him to do better, recommended books, and helped him through everything.

Eventually, David earned a scholarship to a great school and lost contact with her over the years. He had previously mentioned her to Rachel, but that was years ago.

His groomsmen helped him dry his tuxedo, and they proceeded with the wedding. | Source: Pexels

Once they reached the venue, some other guests, including Rachel’s aunts, assisted Miss Thompson, and he pulled Rachel aside for a second.

“Honey, I’m so sorry about this,” he apologized to his bride for the hiccup. “Maybe one of the boys should’ve done it.”

But Rachel grinned brightly at him and shook her head slowly. “No, darling. Your actions today only prove that you’re the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. My hero,” she stated, lifting her head for a kiss, which he returned quickly. “Let’s get you both dry and start over. By the way, in case you’re wondering, I reached out to her on Facebook and invited her. It was my surprise for today.”

David’s chest filled with even more joy than he expected, and he could only utter, “I love you.”

She returned the words, and he went to the groom’s room with the boys. They all grabbed several hair dryers and tried their best to fix the situation. About 30 minutes later, David was ready to meet his bride.

Unfortunately, the sun had set, but the night sky overlooking the lake and the outdoor lighting of the venue gave them an even better and more romantic ceremony.

As David watched Rachel walk down the aisle with her dad, he was even more in love with her than ever. His chest swelled with all his emotions, and his vows were even more faithful now than a few hours ago.

His bride had brought the only person in the world who had believed in him when he had no one else, and he promised himself never to lose contact with Miss Thompson again and to thank his now-wife every day until the end.