Police was stunned when they were called by a 4-year-old kid to his house, and when they arrived at the location, what they saw was a…

A little child in New Zealand contacted the police out of the goodness of his heart and invited them to his home, claiming that he had something for them there.

On the other hand, there were no doughnuts ready for the cops when they arrived, in addition, there was not an urgent situation. Instead, the tike had dialed 111, which is the emergency number for New Zealand, and invited the cops to come have a look at his toys!

When the female dispatcher answered the phone, the caller greeted her with the title “Police Lady” in a most courteous manner. The four-year-old boy spoke in a high-pitched voice and delivered his statement in a matter-of-fact way when he told her that he had some toys to play with.

It would seem that Mom was unwell that day, and Dad was preoccupied with another kid in the house at the time that the younger child contacted the police. That’s when the lad made his move!

A lot of people have had the humiliating experience of having a kid use the phone without their consent, and it’s something that’s happened to a lot of them. And, to top it all off, that call was placed to the police this time!

The call taker then connected with Constable Kurt, who made the decision to accept the young man’s offer after confirming with his own father that there were no problems at the family’s residence.

During his visit to the boy’s house, Constable Kurt was given a guided tour of the youngster’s toy collection by the child.

While they were there, Constable Kurt used the opportunity to demonstrate his little fan many things, including the inside of the patrol car as well as the emergency lights on the outside of the vehicle.

The young man was even allowed to try on Constable Kurt’s cap. The “call” was not a completely carefree experience. Officer Kurt took the time to clarify the appropriate circumstances under which one should contact the police.

In addition to that, he went on to highlight the significance of avoiding calling until it is absolutely necessary to do so. The police officer, Constable Kurt, said, “He did have amazing stuff.”