A man dug in his garden and found a rather old chest. He decided to give the entire contents of the chest to the museum.

It often happens that we find old and forgotten things. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to those things thinking that they are not necessary and we don’t even open them. But sometimes it may seem that we have found a treasure or a precious thing, and when we open it, we realize that it was not so at all.

Dmitri was one of those people who found an old and worn chest. He had a garden, which he cultivated with great love and care. Almost every day, as soon as spring comes he cultivates the soil, take care of the trees and flowers, and sits and rests admiring the lush and beautiful appearance of his garden. One day he was doing his regular work in the garden, digging the soil, when suddenly he felt that the shovel was working with difficulty, something was not letting the shovel go deep.

He began to dig more vigorously and soon a chest appeared, which was very old and had probably been hidden here for a long time. He happily dug and opened the chest thinking that he had found a treasure and soon he would not have to work so hard in the garden. He hurried to open the chest. It was not so easy, it had been hidden for a long time and he had to open it with the help of a tool. The contents of the chest did not satisfy him so much, because there was neither money nor gold no other treasure inside.

There was a note addressed to someone who probably never has got the items. In addition to the writing, there was also a uniform, a hat, a belt, in short, it was someone’s clothes. He thought of throwing it away. However, it is mentioned in the writing that it is not an ordinary person’s uniform, it should be presented to the museum and kept there as a memory and a precious thing.

Dmitri took it out and handed it over to the museum along with the writing. Today, this chest with all its contents is one of the priceless treasures of the museum.
It is a lesson for us to be careful even with old and worn out things, they may have more value than gold and treasure. By the way, let’s note that Dmitri, in turn, was paid for his human step.

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