6 boys did not cut their hair. They did so in order to cut their hair and give it to other children

There are people in life who can form not so good opinions without knowing each other, even among children it is quite common, they can laugh at each other, not voice good opinions, etc. People can do things that may sound strange in society. However, it is even more clear that each person chooses his own actions and this should not be sad the people around himl Kanniston has six sons, three-year-old triplets, and 8-year-old twins and a 10-year-old. They live in Chittagong, New York. All six of them had very long hair. The choice of long or short hairstyle is the choice of any person and it can not disturb anyone, although it can surprise. However, some people do not understand and try to make it a subject of discussion or laughter.

These six boys were laughed at at school because of their long hair, and not only their peers, but also adults laughed at their appearance. But the boys had a special reason for growing their hair that no one could understand. They lost a family friend. The loss of their friend saddened them. That’s why the boys decided to grow their hair in order to donate it to children. True, it took them a long time, but they donated about 6 meters of hair. The step taken by the boys is very emotional, their action is equivalent to giving life. It was definitely a stunning move, and it would be great if there were many more children who received this kind of leadership. Their step is truly commendable and everyone should follow the example of such children.


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