Happy Birthday | Texas living facility excitedly celebrates woman’s 104th birthday

BEAUMONT, Texas — Staff at a Beaumont assisted living facility held a birthday party for a woman who is now the oldest resident they have ever had.

Annie Bazile turned 104 on Friday, January 20, 2023.

Brookdale Dowlen Oaks staff and Bazile’s family celebrated the special day by throwing a surprise party for her. One person in attendance was Bazile’s cousin, Levoris Roy.

Roy and his wife help take care of Bazile. Their family has a history of passing the century mark.

Roy said their great-grandfather lived to be 108, their great-grandmother lives to be 111, and their great-aunt lived to be 117.

“It makes me feel great to live to see her be 104,” Roy said.

To Roy, taking care of and being able to be around Bazile has been a blessing. The now 104-year-old woman has taught her cousin some things during their time together.

“I used to know a little bit of creole,” Roy said. “She knows a lot of creole. Now, I know a lot of creole.”

Roy described his cousin as a very humorous woman who loves to eat.

“She’s a rascal, but it’s fun,” Roy said. “She eats whatever she wants to eat. She loves neckbones. She loves pig feet. She does not have high cholesterol.”

Bazile has only been in Southeast Texas for about 15 years. For most of her adult life, Bazile lived in New York and loved it there.

“She brags about going to the Apollo Theater and seeing all of the great musical artists and comedians,” Roy said. “Once her husband died, we went over and convinced her to come back. It took some hard work to convince her to leave New York because she loved it.”

Bazile’ motto is, “Find joy in all that you encounter.”

Annie Bazile celebrates 104th birthday at Brookdale Dowlen Oaks

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