Boy Sells His Only Toy To Feed His Poor Mom and Brother

A video of a cute boy surfaced on TikTok, where he said something that won the hearts of millions of netizens. With tears in his eyes, the little soul said he wanted to sell his only toy to help his family.

Lupito lived with his unemployed mother and a younger brother in a small house in Durango. Like other boys his age, the Mexican boy wanted to play with his friends and have fun, but fate had other plans.

After observing what was happening in his house, the boy decided to do something for his family. He picked up his only toy, a ball, and left his house with a mission―to help his family.

He Had a Plan
Little Lupito walked to the nearest store with his last toy in hand, hoping he could sell it. His innocent mind could only come up with this idea to help his mother, unaware that no one would buy the ball from him.

While the little boy was standing, hoping someone would buy his toy, a man with the TikTok name Ruben Cervantes spotted him. Curious, he approached Lupito and asked him why he was selling his ball.

When Cervantes learned Lupito was selling his toy to help his family, he asked the boy for how much, to which Lupito replied:

“I don’t want money. I want milk and bread for my brother.”

The Heartbreaking Video
Cervantes recorded his conversation with Lupito and uploaded it on TikTok, which melted the hearts of millions of people. The video was shared more than 50,000 times and received more than 17,000 comments.

After watching the video, netizens couldn’t help but post messages of support under the TikTok post.
The viewers were shocked to hear the little boy’s reply. They were surprised how his little mind could process such mature concepts. Instead of asking for money, Lupito asked the man to give him food.

He Deserved a Reward
In the video, the boy smiled when Cervantes took the ball from him and hugged him. He told Lupito he could easily afford the food he was asking for and was ready to help him.

Cervantes also asked Lupito if he believed in God, and the little boy said yes. Little did he know that his faith in God and good intentions would soon bring him an unexpected reward.

While other children his age were enjoying and living a carefree life, Lupito was worrying about his home’s financial situation. Netizens felt sad when they learned Lupito’s circumstances forced him to sell his only toy.

The Response
After watching the video, netizens couldn’t help but post messages of support under the TikTok post. Here are some of the comments they left:

“I can’t stop crying. Blessings to you. His little face, his eyes of sadness. It’s good that you helped him.”

― (@Li Rodríguez) July 26, 2022

“No child should go through this.”

― (@agusvargas882) July 26, 2022

“God bless you, beautiful baby! May he grant you happiness, love, and a life full of miracles.”

― (@Zaldivar.Photography) December 19, 2022

“Thank you, brother. Blessings! These words make me cry.”

― (@Daniel G Rojas) July 26, 2022

“How cute! God bless you.”

― (@Beautiful01.4) July 26, 2022

The Surprise
After Lupito shared his worries with Cervantes, the man surprised his family with a box full of food supplies. Cervantes was a member of an organization called “Heroes Without a Cape,” which helped poor people in multiple ways.

When Cervantes learned about Lupito’s situation, he told his organization about it. Soon, another video surfaced in TikTok, where Cervantes leaves a box and a bag outside the boy’s house, and knocks on the door before leaving.

A few moments later, Lupito’s mother emerges from the door and reads the note Cervantes left with the package. It said:

After reading the message, the mother returns inside and calls her son. They pick up the food supplies and take them inside the house.

In the video, Cervantes showed what was inside the box. Besides basic kitchen supplies, the box had fruits, vegetables, bread, toilet paper, a crate of eggs, cash, and a new ball for Lupito. Netizens greatly appreciated the organization’s kind gesture, and we hope they keep helping people like little Lupito. The little boy also shared a message for his father:

“I miss you a lot. I want you to come so that my brother doesn’t cry anymore. I’m going to behave very well. We are waiting for you with my grandmother.”