Super Bowl 2024: Donna Kelce announces she will NOT be in the multi-million dollar VIP room with Taylor Swift and will cheer on Travis and the Chiefs from the stands in Vegas, Fans are devastated when official reason is confirmed receive

Donna Kelce believes she will be mixing it with the fans in Vegas for the Super Bowl on Sunday night, rather than taking a seat in a VIP suite on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium.Speaking on the TODAY show, Travis Kelce‘s mom said that the cost of the VIP suites are too much and that she has a regular ticket to the game

You can understand that the boxes in Vegas are multi million dollars so I have a feeling I am not in a box, I am in the stands,’ she said.

‘As far as I know I am in the stands with everybody else because it is a pricey Super Bowl.’

Donna has watched Kelce’s Chiefs games in a suite throughout the season and has sat with Taylor Swift, his girlfriend, at the majority of games she has been able to attend.Donna Kelce says she is likely sitting in the stands and not in a VIP suite for the Super BowlKelce has been in a suite throughout the NFL season, often sitting alongside Taylor Swift.Donna celebrates with son Travis after the Chiefs beat the Ravens to reach the Super Bowl

The singer is expected to race back to Vegas from Tokyo, Japan where she is currently performing four straight nights of her wildly successful Eras Tour.

But the cost of suites are astronomical for Sunday’s game in Vegas. They range in price from $180,000 for four tickets to $1.8million for 20 tickets, although those prices have dropped in recent days and at one point were as high as $2.5m.

Travis is on a $14million-a-year salary with Chiefs, although rakes in millions more through a string of endorsements he has away from the field.

It won’t stop Donna from enjoying her time in Vegas, though – she is expected to land in the city on Thursday. She will cheer her youngest son on in his fourth Super Bowl in five seasons and his second in a row.

‘It’s going to be a dream – to go back-to-back like this, I’m really excited,’ she said.

Donna added she will make more time for herself this year after dominating the coverage for last year’s Super Bowl where Travis was playing his brother Jason of the Philadelphia Eagles.

‘Last year was pretty much working the whole time but it was a blast,’ she said. ‘I got to see things and do things and be at place I had never been to.

‘But this year I am going to take it a little easier except for the game. I’m going to see some shows and go to some great restaurants.’

She infamously wore a red-and-green jersey to last year’s game to split her support 50-50 for both of her sons.

But this time around, Donna’s allegiances are fully with Kansas City as they bid to overcome the San Francisco 49ers for glory.NOTE: this article is borrowed!

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