Riley Gaines reacts harshly to Whoopi Goldberg: “You don’t care about women at all”

Producers of “The View” likely thought Whoopi Goldberg would love having Riley Gaines on the show to correct the record when they invited her. They were in error. In order to share with the audience her experience of losing against a biological male who was twice her size, Ms. Gaines joined the show virtually. Check out one of the a.d.s if you like our news, thanks.

Whoopi said, “Just admit you’re a bigot who wants to get rich riding Lia Thomas’ coattails,” before she could say three words. Gaines, who at first glance appears to be a little shy and modest, quickly transformed into the fierce rival that we all know and love and took aim at Whoopi.Check out one of the a.d.s if you like our news, thanks.

She firmly remarked, “You don’t really care about women; you have no idea what it’s like to go through something like this.” Goldberg couldn’t say anything.

Whoopi kept her mouth agape for a moment before managing to apologize. “I apologize,” she uttered.

She then apologized, saying,What? Did you just tell a New York-based black woman how hard it is to be you, kid? Love, you tied for fifth place. Your dream is to succeed Tomi Lahren. You have far too near of eyes, sweetie.
Without skipping a beat, Gaines lashed back. She yelled, “Oh yeah? You don’t even care about women!” She certainly experienced something beautiful at that moment. Riley Gaines, may God bless you, and may America be blessed.

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