Former swimmer Keith Olbermann calls Riley Gaines ‘unsuccessful’ and ‘stupid’

Enjoy this tweet about Keith Olbermann from eleven years ago before Riley Gaines sacrifices what little dignity Keith Olbermann had left on the altar of content. A year has passed since Keithums’s dismissal from MSNBC and the beginning of his valiant endeavor to preserve his credibility.

The drama of today starts out with Gaines making fun of a state senator for not understanding what a lady was. Even worse, a senator who is ostensibly FEMALE! You are undoubtedly familiar with Riley’s tale because everyone at Louder with Crowder Dot Com is a Riley fan. She is a former collegiate swimming champion who is now an activist for women’s rights. She speaks out to prevent male competitors posing as female athletes from stealing opportunities from female athletes in women’s sports.

The feud began when Olbermann replied to one of Gaines’ X posts in which he said Gaines should “address the reality” that she “sucked at swimming,” and “that’s why [she] lost” to Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer who was crowned a Division I champion in 2022.

“Ah, makes sense now why you got fired from ESPN,” Gaines shot back.

One of Thomas’ former teammates at Penn, Paula Scanlan, came to Gaines’ defense.

Your political bias blinds you and dismissive views like yours embolden men to change in front of us,” Scanlan said. “Why don’t you address the reality that women’s spaces are being invaded and many women are harmed by this narrative.” NOTE: This is borrowed

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