Gumbel tells story of transgender athlete Ludwig

HIS’ name is Gabrielle Ludwig.
Biologically a man, born Robert John Ludwig, ex-Navy soldier declared himself a woman in his 40 s. At 50 years old, measuring 6’ 8”, weighing 220 pounds and covered in naval tattoos, Gabrielle Ludwig caused a huge feeling when ‘HE’ made ‘HIS’
college basketball debut for Santa Clara, California community college: playing in the women’s league.

“She handled everything very, very professionally,” Mission College coach Corey Cafferata said by phone Tuesday. “I know that a lot of comments that she read (on the Internet) and that she heard from the crowd really hurt her. She is very sensitive. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, and as I tell her, ‘There is no one out here threatening you, no one saying they are going to beat you up.’ … I told her to just keep being yourself.”

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