After their mother’s untimely passing, 6 children were left orphaned, yet the neighborhood rallied behind them in a big way…

Jaclyn Michelle, a mother who was raising her children alone, was lost when she was hit by a train. As a result of this horrible catastrophe, she was forced to abandon her family, which included six children ranging in age from two to 15 years old.

Her sisters Amy and Samantha have been thrown into a whirlwind of activity as they scramble to care for Jaclyn’s orphaned siblings and make preparations for her burial.

On the other hand, just like the vast majority of us, they survive from paycheck to paycheck.

After hearing the news, KIIS Radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O wanted to do something to comfort a bereaved family, so they went out to their fans and asked for their assistance.

As Kyle and Jackie made the announcement that they would be contributing $10,000 to assist with funeral preparations, they called Jaclyn’s sisters into the radio to offer them words of encouragement, support, and a little bit of consolation.

In addition to this, they created a GoFundMe website so that other people might contribute to the cause.

The phone lines immediately filled up with people who wanted to assist the orphaned siblings as they spread information about the tragedy and the contribution website.

One person by the name of Richard reached out to offer assistance, and he astonished everyone with his contribution of ten thousand dollars.

A woman who had been listening to the show on her way to drop off her kid at school provided the contribution that was maybe the most valuable one received. That demonstrates an incredible amount of kindness and consideration.

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