Wow!!!DC fire crews help retired firefighter celebrate his 104th birthday

WASHINGTON — DC Fire and EMS crews helped one of their own celebrate a major milestone. Harry Kelly is the fire department’s most senior retired firefighter and he just turned one hundred four years old. His department brotherhood helped Kelly celebrate with balloons, signs and fire engines in his Northwest D.C. neighborhood. The fire department … Read more

Chiefs Star Brought To Tears By Reba McEntire’s Moving National Anthem Performance At The Super Bowl.

Country music superstar Reba McEntire sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl LVIII, and her rendition brought fans and players to tears. The 68-year-old Grammy winner took the field just ahead of kickoff and absolutely nailed it with both talent and emotion. She did so well that when cameras panned to the sidelines, they caught Chiefs All-Pro … Read more

Barbara Streisand and Whoopi may leave America”

The singer-actor, known for her outspoken views, previously made a similar vow. Her candid remarks reflect a history of criticism towards D.T. and a commitment to transparency in leadership. Renowned actor and singer Barbra reaffirmed her stance on leaving the United States if D. T secures the presidency again. In a recent interview on “The … Read more

Breaking: Gordon Ramsay Kicks Dylan Mulvaney Out Of His Restaurant: “No Bud Light Here”

In what could be described as a culinary clash of the titans, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay reportedly showed TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney the door from his Michelin-starred restaurant, uttering the now-famous words, “No Bud Light here!” The incident unfolded on an evening that promised tranquility, but in the world of celebrity encounters, peace is often … Read more

She’s Toxic”: No One’s Hiring Lia Thomas for a High School Coaching Position

In an unforeseen development, the sports arena has observed an unusual twist of fate as Jamie Anderson, the celebrated snowboarder who gained both acclaim and notoriety, now finds herself in a less-than-ideal situation within the job market for high school coaching roles. Despite Anderson’s prowess on the slopes, it seems that the world of coaching … Read more

‘The View’ is getting cancelled soon

Anyone that has ever watched the ABC trainwreck, otherwise known as “The View,” knows that the “ladies” on the panel aren’t exactly the most warm and fuzzy human beings. When they aren’t spreading half-truths and pushing their own far-left agendas, they are race-baiting or making outrageous statements, mostly about conservatives, in order to stoke dissent … Read more

Mike Tomlin: Anthem Kneelers “Hate America” and Will Be Fired On Spot

In a shocking turn of events, Pittsburgh Steelers’ head coach, Mike Tomlin, has issued an audacious directive which is sure to set tongues wagging not only in the football world but also in living rooms across America. In a post-practice press conference, Tomlin stated that any player who chooses to kneel during the national anthem … Read more

WATCH: “Take Our Border Back” Trucker Convoy Protest Expected To Draw 700,000 Vehicles To Border

As the spat between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and federal officials over the situation at the southern border peters out, a massive trucker convoy is still headed toward the border to make the voices of ordinary Americans heard in a peaceful and productive way. The idea seems to have caught on in the minds of … Read more